How to take vitamin E, and in what doses and when it should not do?

Nowadays Vitamin E in medicine called tocopherol, has become very popular.It is part of many cosmetic products, is available bundled with other multivitamins or separately.Some consider it a vitamin of youth and beauty, while others treat it with caution and talk about possible side effects.Therefore it is necessary to look into this question in more detail and decide how useful vitamin E as to receive and in what combination.

This vitamin is fat-soluble vitamin.The main places of accumulation became the adrenal glands, adipose tissue, blood, liver, heart and uterus.How to take vitamin E?It is not necessary to use it in very large quantities, but also to refuse completely from it is also impossible.

To learn how to take vitamin E, please refer to its dosage according to age.Children from one year to six years not to exceed the recommended dose is seven milligrams.Teenagers under the age of seventeen is allowed to receive a daily dose at a rate of fifteen milligrams.Adult women and men enough doses of ten milligrams, but pregnant and nursing women are advised to increase the daily norm to fourteen milligrams.Breast kids no need to take this vitamin, as it is in the right quantity supplied to them in the body, along with his mother's milk.

How to take vitamin E?Today it is available in a variety of shapes and compositions.This can be a solution for oral administration, or injections, chewable lozenges and capsules.In any case, you must strictly adhere to the recommended dosage.One of the important nutrients that slow the aging process in the body - is an antioxidant vitamin e. How to take it in capsules and lozenges?For adult enough reception of one capsule a day or two or three pellets melted in the mouth and water Requests.

value of this vitamin in the body functions is very large.It facilitates the flow of oxygen to the blood, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, protects against toxins, and perform many other useful functions, promote the healthy operation of the whole organism.No less important role it plays in the proper and efficient working of the reproductive system, both women and men.This wonder vitamin helps remove even depression and drowsiness during the climatic syndromes, as well as increase libido.

But there are a number of contraindications, which describes how to take vitamin E for people suffering from certain diseases.In myocardial infarction, cardiosclerosis and hypersensitivity to get this vitamin is not recommended.

How to take vitamin E with other drugs?It is combined with fumeratom iron citrate and gluconate but with iron oxide and silver drink preparations must not be active vitamin.How to take vitamin E in the complex?It is perfectly in harmony with selenium and vitamin A, and these drugs are recommended to drink in equal amounts.

How to take vitamin E?Any liquid vitamins to drink after a meal.This should be done as scientists estimated that a person consumes daily rate of tocopherol.Well, if we talk about conventional products, it is the highest content in the nuts, oil, soybeans, sunflower oil and eggs.Many tocopherol is in broccoli and Brussels sprouts.Therefore, these products should be required to enter into the menu of each.Do not forget that a lack of vitamin badly affects the appearance of the skin, while his strong deficit may occur weakness of the body.On this basis, it can make suitable conclusion - tocopherol, in any case, bring the body more good than harm, especially if you drink it in reasonable doses.