Inauguration - this inauguration

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Do you know the meaning of the word "inauguration"?Literally it means "dedication to the augurs."This ceremony of entry into a new position.The ritual is taken from the coronation of the monarchs.Today, this word more than the previously common abroad, and has been applied in our country.


inauguration of the president in Russia - it is always very solemn and moving ceremony.Its main attributes are the keynote speech, the national anthem, raising the flag over the Kremlin, the oath.In our country every six years held the inauguration.This ritual is accomplished on the 30th day after the official presentation of the election results.

How is

inauguration of established tradition begins at noon.Its length does not exceed one hour.A few minutes before the ceremony the cortege elected president Russia enters the Spassky Gate.As soon as the chimes start to beat the head of state held in St. Andrew's Hall in the Kremlin and raised on a specially prepared runway.The room made the presidential standard, and the national flag, which are arranged in a certain order, according to the existing Protocol (to the nearest centimeter).

in the stands, where it will be taking the oath, the chairman of the Constitutional Court of the country puts a sign the president and the Constitution.Then climb on the podium chairmen of both chambers of the Russian parliament.

guests inauguration

Before the advent of the future president Andrew's and St George's Hall is filled with guests.As a general rule, receive an invitation about two thousand people.For the most part are representatives of science, culture, business, foreign and Russian diplomats.


future president utters an oath of allegiance to the Fatherland.At the same time, his right hand on the Constitution of the Russian Federation.In its conclusion the Chairman of the Constitutional Court officially announced that the new president took office, and solemnly hands him the symbols of power.It sounds the national anthem and the raising of the Kremlin presidential standard.

Symbols of power

So, as you understand, the inauguration - a procedure during which the legitimately elected president in a solemn ceremony received symbols of power.What is it?There are three characters in Russia - a sign, the Constitution and the Standard, which, as a rule, is always in the office of the incumbent President, and only during the trips, he accompanied the president.Badge - a gold cross on which the emblem of Russia.It is covered with ruby ‚Äč‚Äčenamel and mounted on a powerful gold chain."Use, honor and glory" - the inscription carved on its back side.The inaugural copy of the Constitution of the Russian Federation there is only one.He was executed in 1996 by decree of Boris Yeltsin.Tom intertwined dark red leather and painted with gold lettering.Constantly in the Kremlin, the Russian president in the library.

Putin's inauguration

Since 2000, when Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin for the first time led government, foreign dignitaries at the ceremony not invited.The Kremlin believes that the inauguration - is internal Russian event.The third inauguration of President Putin was very solemn.

This event took place May 7, 2012.First, the previous President Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev toured the territory of the Kremlin.He warmly said goodbye to the soldiers of the Moscow garrison.In his speech, Putin noted the great contribution of Dmitry Medvedev to the revival of Russia.The president took the oath on the Constitution of Russia.The third inauguration - is a mass ceremony than the previous ones.Invitations were extended to three thousand guests - State Duma deputies, members of the Constitutional Court, representatives of the government.

After the official inauguration of the procedure Patriarch blessed Vladimir Putin.Then he held a public service for the service of the Fatherland.For Cyril this inauguration - is the first ceremony when the President was blessed.Boris Yeltsin has entered into a new position without the blessing of the church.

Now you know what's inauguration as there is a ceremony which traditionally appear in a resurgent Russia.