How to stop hair loss in the fall?

Autumn, like spring, refers to the transition period - from the summer heat, we are getting closer to winter frost.Nature gives the body time to adjust, to adapt to the inevitable cold, but this adaptation takes a lot of inner strength.In principle, almost all of the nutrients absorbed from food, go to the maintenance of these forces, to ensure the work of the most important, but the hair as the body peripheral remains somewhere on the border of attention.And that immediately affects their condition.And worse - they begin to fall in an amount much higher than normal.

body hair does not consider vital organ, but we, the women, this state of affairs, of course, can not agree!

Dining inside and outside

If the hair fall heavily, it can be assumed that the lion's share of entering the body needs iron goes to other organs, and the hair gets pathetic remnant.Try to make up for this lack of iron-containing products such as: lean red meat, poultry, egg yolks, legumes and dark green vegetables.And of course - pumpkin, in all kinds!Pumpkin - the champion among the vegetables on the content iron.In addition, it contains vitamins B, C, E, PP, carotene, and even a rare vitamin T, which contributes to the acceleration of metabolic processes in the body, and besides silicon, zinc and many other trace elements we need for health and beauty hair.

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Besides iron deficiency, experts link the increased hair loss with inadequate levels of silicon in the body.So, be sure to silica in your diet in the fall was as much as possible, they are rich in seafood and even plain water, as well as brown rice, millet and oats.

also the shortage of silicon is recommended - to eat more raw vegetables, fruit with peel and green (apples, cucumbers, asparagus, lettuce, parsley, cabbage, spinach, celery, beets), bread with bran and just drink a decoction of bran.Even grape juice, beer and wine contain silicon.

course, abuse such drinks as wine and beer should not be, but their use as a rinse - one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make your hair healthy, soft and shiny.This is especially true of beer, but definitely fresh and lively - this beer is a wonderful natural air conditioning.After rinsing the hair with beer, after 20 minutes, rinse with clean water.The effect of the procedure turns out no worse than that of expensive professional unit.

Mask of beer to strengthen, density and hair growth

small piece (about a palm) of rye crumbs pour a glass of warm beer and leave "wander" for a couple of hours.Then carefully whisk whisk (or mix in a blender), and put on clean, dry hair.Head sheltering plastic cap or a conventional plastic bag and wrapped a towel.After a quarter of an hour wash off the mask with warm water without shampoo.

In the off-season, more than ever, it is useful to drink more fluids, use a hair mask on the basis of various vegetable oils.

For dry hair types that are most susceptible to the adverse effects of external factors, including a change of seasons, will help mask based on sea buckthorn.

mask of sea buckthorn oil to strengthen the hair

Mix sea buckthorn oil, egg yolk, honey, a little onion juice.Sprinkle the mixture.Apply to clean, dry hair, keep the mask under the insulation from 30 to 40 minutes.Rinse with warm water using a mild shampoo.

way, eat the food in the sea-buckthorn in any form, it is also extremely useful, especially owners of dry and brittle hair.For external use suitable mixtures of vegetable oils and Eleutherococcus rhizome juice or juice of fresh parsley.Such compositions for masks stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss.

burdock and honey mask for strengthening hair

Mix one tablespoon of honey, burdock, onion juice, baby shampoo.Add to the mix the yolk of one egg, stir and put on the hair roots.Head wraps and keep the mask for about an hour.Wash off the mask with warm water and rinsed hair decoction of leaves of birch or nettle.

For effective use of fatty alcohol type of herbal plants as lotions, alcohol, in this case removes the excess oil from the hair, dissolves the resin and essential oils that are poorly soluble in water.

careful care - a pledge of strength and beauty of hair

in intensive recreation activities with the hair need to set them to gentle treatment - not hot hair dryer to dry, do not be laid with hot tongs, to use less styling with a strong fixation.

It should be approached carefully and this procedure as an ordinary washing hair.Much depends on the choice of the shampoo.Perhaps the hair tells you that it's time to replace it with the brand, choose something more gentle, healing?

It is advisable to water for washing hair was boiled and not too hot (38 - 42 ° C).Hair must first comb, while the pollution is removed, and the hair is less confused and dropped.Shampoo applied in small amounts, at first hand, and then the hair from the roots.

When painting hair, give preference to natural dyes (chamomile, henna), or at least choose the most sparing of paint.

beneficial to the health of hair decoctions and infusions of flowers and herbs - chamomile, celandine, sage, yarrow, nettle, plantain, calendula.For each type of hair - his own grass.Dry hair - extracts from the mother and stepmother, rhizomes calamus, oregano.Greasy hair are more suitable infusions of wormwood grass, horsetail, St. John's wort.

Pay attention to how and what you comb the hair.After combing the hair - it is also a kind of massage the scalp, improves blood circulation and nutrition of hair follicles.For daily combing hair perfect massage brush - oval, flat, nylon, or the best natural teeth (bristle or wood).At the ends of teeth should be small balls-tips that protect the scalp and hair roots of the injury.To comb wet hair, take a plastic or wooden comb with wide rare rounded teeth (the distance between them is not less than 7 mm and the width of the teeth themselves - 4-5 mm).

If domestic measures to improve the hair does not give a noticeable effect, visit trihologa.With the help of special tests and instruments the doctor will determine the cause of these problems and outline a treatment plan, or advise, to what experts should be more contact.After all, if the hair loss is associated with some health problems - not the best cosmetic products nor proven popular recipes can not cope with the situation.

Well, the best way to keep your hair in a healthy condition, at any time of the year are, - compliance with proper diet and daily routine, proper selection of detergents, thorough and gentle care.

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