The owner - a heavy burden

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cherished dream of the vast number of citizens - to be the owner, ie owner.I must say that the burden is on the one hand pleasant, on the other hand is quite troublesome.The owner - a person who owns the property.What is more significant, the largest owner.There are various types of property.What happens


most expensive types of it - the real estate and business.The first category includes land, houses, apartments, air and sea vessels.For a simple man in the street the most common form of ownership is an apartment, house or villa.The owner of the apartment - a person or company who own residential premises in an apartment building on the right of private property.They may also be the state or municipality.Ownership can be purchased by sale, donation, joining the legacy of privatization.It is supported by right-establishing and certifying documents.

Who is the owner of the property

owner of the property - it is a broader concept than the owner of the apartment.The thing is that the assets are not only apartments but also ships with the factories, and home vacuum cleaner - is also a property.Thus, the owner of the property can be called a person or company who own them on the right of private property.It is, according to its value, and category to certify documents.For example, if a person bought an iron, then - as the owner of the iron - he gets commodity and cash receipt.Owner - the owner is acquired things.

owner or possessor

It should be noted that the status of the owner is different from the status of the owner.The owner, for example, can be a tenant, that is a person or company that temporarily use property for a fee.The owner is not entitled to dispose of the property at its discretion, that is, can not sell, give away, lay another person's property.The owner differs from the owner is also the burden of the obligations which it carries to the preservation of their property.The owner - a person responsible for the maintenance and operation of its assets.For example, if there will be an emergency, and the owner of the apartment will flood the neighbor, then he will answer it.

Business and property

business owners may be a citizen or a company, which acquired a certain share.The share is usually expressed as a percentage, and displays the document.In the Russian Federation there are some organizational and legal forms for conducting business.The most suitable of them - is SP (self-employment), LLC (Limited Liability Company) ZAO (Closed Joint Stock Company), OAO (Open Joint Stock Company), CPC (credit consumer cooperative), ACCC (agricultural credit consumer cooperative), SEC(Agricultural Cooperative), PT (partnership).Civil Code contains the basic concepts of the legal entities, their characteristics and differences.In business, the owner - a person who owns and manages the business or its share.Buy the latest possible by buying it received under the contract of assignment of the claim, for example for debt, or establish a business.The debts of its owner is responsible only to the extent of their share, but not all of his property as a citizen or an individual entrepreneur.

Thus, it is worth noting that the owner not only owns the property, he bears full responsibility for it.And in case of any problems he has to deal with them in accordance with the law.