Demilitarization - what is it?

Disarmament is very important for any country that seeks to establish peace in the territory.Naturally, in the light of today's events to preserve public tranquility necessary demilitarization.What is it, you will learn in this article.

What disarmament?

arms race shows that not all countries are ready to solve the problem peacefully.However, everyone understands what it can lead.For example, humanity with horror awaits the start of World War III.Every year around the world due to the hostilities killed thousands of civilians.

meaning of the word "demilitarization" is very simple.Disarmament - is the conclusion of a special agreement between the international community and a country where the regime established in the territory of the state, which prohibits the use of any means of destruction.In addition, the demilitarization of the - what is it, in fact, we have already identified - provides:

  • ban on the construction of military facilities: parts warehouses, factories for the production of weapons;
  • impossibility of creating an army in the demilitarized zone;
  • delivery of weapons of mass destruction: chemical, biological, nuclear;
  • rejection of any military training operations.

When did the process of disarmament or demilitarization?

that it is necessary, began to understand for a long time, back in the 19th century.A little later, the need for disarmament has increased significantly since the military industry began to develop very actively.The turning point was the First and Second World Wars.Today was added one more problem: a nuclear weapon, which is capable in a short time to destroy mankind.

the first and most effective was the agreement on disarmament Rush-Bagot treaty between Britain and the United States.Thanks to him, was a demilitarized border of America and Canada after 1814.

Later, other international instruments have been banned toxic substances on the battlefield, as well as other instruments, which are able to immediately destroy a large number of soldiers.After World War community has decided to do to reduce the number of weapons to the minimum possible.

Unfortunately, in our time the military industry is developing more actively than before, so the problem of peace and demilitarization came to the fore.

Why need demilitarization?

reasons for such a procedure are many:

  • increase in cash costs for the production of weapons, maintenance of the army and military installations;
  • lack of security in the event of human nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction;
  • high level of terrorism, which often is sponsored by selling weapons;
  • worsening political, economic and social situation in the world.

What is the disarmament of the economy?

demilitarization of what it is, in general terms described above.The process goes through several stages.For example, you need not only to rid the territory of weapons, as well as plants that produce it, but also to reduce the budgetary cost of its production, as well as the maintenance of the army.

In order for this process to be effective, it is necessary to attach to it such military giants like Russia and the United States.This is the most armed state.The demilitarization of the economy, in this case provides for a minimum reserve of warheads on the balance of the army.In addition, military production in these countries should reorient its activities.Plants are required to produce only such products that do not harm humans.That is, the owners of the defense industry need to abandon the manufacture of weapons.Naturally, this process is complicated, since the sale of military equipment and ammunition - a lucrative business, even though he was involved in the blood of people.

Disarmament economy is to reduce the financial cost of budgetary and redistribution of the money for other needs.Demilitarization - is a complex social process that affects different spheres of human life.

Features demilitarization of the territory

Prerequisite global security is the cleaning of the territory of the weapons and other objects belonging to the army.In order to make this process, it is imperative to agree on all the details of the country with organizations that monitor disarmament.They can give security guarantees that would allow the state to give up arms.Of course, these communities must be respected.

demilitarization of the territory - a set of specific measures that will not only help to reduce militarnogo reserves of the country.That is, on that section should not be military warehouses with ammunition and guns, industrial facilities that produce these materials and equipment.Naturally, provided the territory should be strictly limited number of military personnel.When complete demilitarization of the army takes all.In addition, in an area where there is disarmament, is strictly forbidden the use of defense technology to solve conflicts.That is to demilitarize the area can not be carried out military operations.

Features of the international program on disarmament

presented document occupies a special position in the system of regulation of international relations.The main goal of the program is to develop the capacity of political solutions to problems without the use of weapons, as well as the reduction of combat power.

With this document non-governmental organizations are trying to solve such problems:

  • maximum disarmament areas, and the economy;
  • improving the legal framework of State, meaning all issues should be resolved exclusively by peaceful and diplomatic means;
  • security of parties to armed conflicts;
  • obstacles to the spread of particularly dangerous substances and weapons of mass extermination.

How is the process of demilitarization?

Disarmament - a complex of measures, which includes the following steps:

  • general solution of the state and the international community to reduce the threat of use of military equipment and supplies.
  • Documentation of this desire in the form of contract, the parties, as well as decrees of the government.
  • gradual demilitarization of the territory and the economy, the result of which is also stated in the papers.
  • joint guarantee of the international community to provide diplomatic and other kinds of support in dealing with controversial issues.Also documented security demilitarized zone, protecting it from encroachment of other states.
  • Strict monitoring of the disarmament process internal organs of the state, as well as foreign NGOs.

How is control of demilitarization?

Thus, the process provides for such action:

  • prevention of illicit trafficking of nuclear weapons, as well as substances that contribute to mass destruction;
  • most accurate record of all war material;
  • no uncontrolled production and export of arms;
  • compliance with the rules of safe storage, transportation and stacking of ammunition, as well as other substances MU.

Now you know what the demilitarization, the definition of the word as well as the essence of the process.