Felix Name: value.

name Felix, whose origins, like many others, belongs to the ancient world and drevnelatinskomu language.Felix word means "happy".This unknown Hit Albano and Power "Felicita".The song was so popular that only a very lazy person did not try to know - what "Felicita".And it turns out, happiness.The primary source of occurrence was probably the Roman goddess of success and happiness Felitsa explaining its purpose and functions of the value of the name Felix.

What is the Latin term

But people in the ancient Mediterranean countries named Felix called.It was the word obznachayuschee lucky, a man who was very lucky.Sometimes the despot, with all the evils committed by him, was so "unsinkable" that nickname "lucky┬╗ (felix), given to him from someone's light hand, became his second name.An example would be the Roman villain (a nickname he also was) completely destroyed the Etruscan (ancient civilization) - Lucius Cornelius Sulla (138-78 BCE).Name Felix came later.

transformation of words into a common noun

Generally, the words felix and faustus designated slaves gained their freedom.These terms, as the name indicates in the charters confirming the will, they are also indicated on the gravestones.It is rare, but still there were times when freedmen slaves reached a high position in society.The only known example is Felix Anthony, who became governor of Judea.

emergence of a proper name

gradually became its own common name - Felix.The value of the name but lucky, and explained as "successful" and even "Locally."That is, in all senses of the lucky people.And as it gradually crossed the border to get to our lands and replenish Orthodox imenoslov.Dvina land was in the XV century under the rule of the Novgorod governor Felix, the first of the Orthodox mentioned in historical documents under this name.

In the church calendar dates can be found 6 Memory holy and reverend, which fall birthday party, Felix - February 7, May 1, June 6, July 19, September 4 and November 1st.Among them are the pontiffs, founder of the monastery, the martyrs of Christianity - Roman Felix, Athens, Karelian.

Characteristic features behalf

name Felix, whose value except as a happy, prosperous translated and how, among the many inherent features and has such as diligence, prudence and a sharp mind.It says that the reason he had in the first place, and feelings - on the second.As a rule, they enter into a marriage of Felix on the calculation, surrounding the best bride beautiful, but subtly thoughtful courtship.According to the service they are moving too thanks to "sustain" behavior, skillful communication with others, achieving their goals, but without making enemies.Well, there's nothing criminal.Perhaps it is this trait of intelligence and says Felix, according to some experts.If the motivation accessories bearers of the name to said interlayer consists only in the fact that farmers do not call, you can argue that Eldar and Alfred among the common people will not find in the afternoon with fire.

not always match the name of the character

If we look at the name of Felix, which means the value of prudence and caution, in relation to the name Dzerzhinsky raises several questions.Nobleman, well-educated man who is capable of such love for a woman, for the sake of seeing her ready to sacrifice their lives, on the one hand.

And on the other - hundreds of people were shot, including the decoration of the poetry of the time, Nikolai Gumilyov.This explosive mixture indicates that the properties of the name does not always correspond to its bearer.But imagine Dzerzhinsky without him is impossible.Name in this case merged.The exception is perhaps that the combination of "Iron Felix", the hero of dozens of anecdotes of the Soviet period.

Always in the study of a name confronted with sources claiming the opposite things.Thus, the assertion that bears the name of Felix, the value of which is declared as "happy", can be egocentric.And because they are not happy, they are always a little love and attention.It is said that from the moment of the birth of a man, madly beloved mother, spoiled, capricious and selfish.And there is a perfect example - Count Felix Yusupov, the last representative of a famous Russian surnames.The reason for the murder of Rasputin they not only political - it is insanely jealous of his wife, Irina Yusupov amazing beauty, intimacy and envied "old man" to the imperial family.

Various sources - different traits

name Felix, whose value is in the interpretation of some sources as "Locally" (the term is more, the use of the church) is probably talking about a person's ability to get along in any company and become its center.This, of course, contribute to such features as an absolute intelligence, the ability to be interesting, to hide their true feelings, the ability to give the right people the necessary gifts.But, then again, so many opinions.In one article, the author is most likely not like this name and people wearing it, Felix divided by season, which is not added to them sympathy.So, Felix winter - just a drone, depriving the health of parents.Autumn - activities in specific, favorable situations it.Summer carrier named vain and winter loves flattery, even untrue.In addition, Felix, whose name means the value of thrift, usually stingy and selects only the prestige of the profession.Like it or not, but among the bearers of the name is simply remarkable and truly outstanding people.

Felix celebrities

claimed that many of them are lawyers.There are writers - Dan, philosophers - Kruger, physics - Savard.There are large engineers - Jasinski, admiral of the fleet - Gromov, there is even a president of France - Fort.Needless to say, people are visible, held, of course, intelligent, and probably happy.That's the name of the appropriate sign of the zodiac - Aquarius - says that Felix - people are very nice.In short, if they combine so many, most of all, it's contradictory nature, complex, as evidenced by the astrological interpretation of the name.

As always, the name has its charms.However, data from different sources are not identical.In one - a stone patron - a diamond in the other - Agate.In one - corresponding to the color blue and green, the other - a reddish-blue.Obviously, Felix will have to determine what fits him best.