Name Olympics as a measure of brightness and outstanding person

names are rare, original, shocking, pretentious, in a word, stood alone.In the 20-30-ies of XX century, children often anoint strange names associated with enthusiasm for industrialization of the country (such as Vanguard).In 30-40th given international, "foreign" names - for example, German.Now the name of the Olympic Games (interest in him once again arose in connection with the Winter Games in Sochi) in Russia are mainly women who were born in the 30s of the last century.This confirms the fashion of the time for foreign names, which leads to their relative rarity.Natasha and Tatiana was so much more.

rarity behalf Olympics

So if you want to immediately name a few famous women with the same name, just remember the unforgettable Olympic Games of L. "Unusual Concert", the famous puppet theater performance Sergey Obraztsova.But this knowledge can only boast of the inhabitants of the Soviet Union.For a long time no one country or of the play, but in order to find out who bore the name of the Olympic Games and what it represents, have to go to the dictionary.Without their help, one can only note the spirit of competition, concluded in the name, state that it is directly linked with the international sports movement, although there are mathematical and other scientific Olympiad.That is the idea suggests that women seek self-improvement through the Olympics to prove their superiority.

origin of the name

Few who do not know the name of the mountain - the place of residence of the ancient Greek gods, in whose honor and was arranged Olympics.In essence, they were the entertainment of aristocrats.All the heroes of the ancient kings of the country have been or Odysseus, the children of kings, like Oedipus, or even divine offspring, like Achilles and Hercules.It is not surprising that the first known woman, bearing the name of the Olympics, the queen, who lived in the IV century BC.He called himself so she to commemorate the victory of her husband, King Philip II, in the Olympics.Hardly would she do it if she was not the mother of Alexander the Great.Much later, in the V century BC, lived another bearer of the name, gave him the glory of its asceticism and unprecedented generosity.Her name - Constantinople Olympics.A student of St. John Chrysostom, she has done so much for Christianity that was declared a saint.Memorial Day in the church calendar it falls on July 25 (August 7).

explanation meaning of the name

addition anthroponimics - the science that studies the own names, their origin, evolutionary development and function, there is the analysis of the name letter by letter, his astrological and esoteric (secret, hidden) interpretation.Comply with these conclusions true or not is hard to say, but these sources can learn a lot informative.So, a woman's name Olympics is conducive flowers, plants, planets, minerals, and among the latter - the so-called Lapp blood.Well, who would, in addition to experts, knew it eudialite, which are rich in Hibiny inhabited by Lapps (Sami), and it's just amazing beauty of semi-precious stone, is now acquiring popularity!

Name Olympics (meaning in translation from Greek - "praising the sky" or "heaven resident"), upon closer examination shows it concluded in contradiction.Its color - white, and the animal patron - anaconda.Characterized by the Olympics, on the one hand, as a woman, quiet and good-natured, the other - resistant and able to achieve their goals by any means.But if you put together all the patrons of the name (the lion, the diamond, the sun, linden flower), you can imagine the dazzling female image.Ultimately, commentators have concluded that the Olympics - is wise, intelligent and energetic, and deal with it very nice.Literal analysis of the name refers to the name of a completely different wards, that is not surprising with so many characters - 9. Compare the Olympics in this sense can unless Panteleimon.But the name letter by letter analysis shows originality, eccentricity, the mind and energy of its owner.

Women Russian women wearing the name

Name Olympics in Russia glorified maid Shishkin (1791-1854), a prolific writer and historian without interest.But there is no doubt that after such enchanting in every sense of the Winter Games of 2014 in the name of the Olympics will be very popular, and there will be a lot of girls that can in the future to celebrate our country.The first baby, who was given that name in connection with the Winter Games, was born on New Year's Eve 2014.