How to choose a nail file for jigsaw?

Manual and jigsaw has long been "taken root" in domestic craftsmen.This is a very useful device that will accurately and precisely cut almost any material of various thickness and configuration.But before you begin the work, it is necessary to properly been selected file for jigsaw.However, immediately take the right decision is quite difficult.This is not only a great choice, but also a huge number of types of fabric.

little general information

If you have no saws and jigsaws, it's useless tool.If you have a set of nail files, you can cut almost any material.I do not think that the jig is designed to work only with metal or plastic products.Although it is possible to say that it is advisable to have both manual and automatic tool, later you will understand why.With proper skill, you can make a straight cut and shaped on chipboard, ceramics, metal and so on.But it is necessary to understand that for each type of material has its own file for jigsaw.For example, the range of BOSCH provides a variety of fabric, which can run with plywood, plastic, and so on. N. Of course, each material has a different thickness, density, hardness, and others. Parameters, this places certain requirements on the quality of the steel blade.

Jig Jig hand

It is logical that no nail files, you can not perform the work you need.Today, all the blades for hand tools are divided into two major groups:

  • for woodworking;
  • to work on metal.

Each of these groups is divided into subgroups.For example, blades for wood can be for fast cutting.This is one of the most common and popular saws.Its peculiarity is that this blade can handle a large amount of material at high speed.For example, this is not a problem sawing sawed blank 20 cm diameter.However, this instrument leaves a significant number of defects, so it is advisable to use it only for auxiliary works, or the construction of buildings.

But jigsaw saws for manual clean cutting allow to obtain a high quality surface.This is achieved due to the large number of small teeth, resulting in a cut, a smooth, almost without defects.However, in this case, the maximum diameter of the workpiece must not exceed 7.5 cm. There is also for sawing a laminate.They have a unique arrangement of the teeth, which do not leave behind any traces.

canvas to work with metal

one thing to treat a material such as wood, quite another - the metal.Please note that the painting on wood is not suitable for cutting sheet metal.But learn to distinguish between a saw blade is extremely simple.File for jigsaw metal has a blue tail, which is the main distinguishing feature.The teeth are very small, allow you to work with sheets of 6 mm thick.

today are increasingly sold a combined web.According to the manufacturer, they are well suited for working with wood and metal.But it's safe to say that this is not the best solution, as the work performed somewhat difficult and stretched in time.In any case file for a jigsaw for metal should be made of quality material.

Electric, desktop and hand-held jigsaws

It is understood that, in spite of the same function, files for the tool have fundamental differences.For example, the manual jigsaw blade for rather thin and long and is attached to both sides.The jigsaw is shorter and thicker and has a different installation method.If hand tools, it is always necessary to have a few spare saws.This is due to their fragility.They do break often and at the wrong time.

There is also a table saw blade for jigsaw.By itself, a stationary tool and it is perfect for cutting wood.The web in this case is more similar to that used in the hand tool.However, it is less fragile, breaks down so often.Such saws are designed for workpieces with a maximum diameter of 4 cm - wood and 0.2 cm - for metals.

marking saw blades for jigsaw

Special designation on the canvas can tell a lot.In the first place, so you can find out what material the product is made.By the way, this is very important, especially when performing critical work.For example, if the housing is written HCS, it means that the blade is made of carbon steel and is designed for cutting soft materials such as wood, chipboard, plastic, and so on. N. Here, for example, the inscription indicating HSS,that the saw blade is made of high-speed hardened steel.This solid, but at the same time sufficiently brittle material which can be used for both aluminum and steel with a small thickness.

But marking saw blades for jigsaw BIM means that the bimetallic sheet.In fact, this combination of HCS and HSS.Such a nail file has improved properties, however, and the high cost.Stamp HM means that this fabric can be used for very hard materials such as ceramic tile cutting, and so on. N. In principle, marked not so difficult to understand, if you remember it, then select the appropriate fabric is extremely simple.

For more information on choosing the right

When buying you should always pay attention to the tail of the web.Naturally, the file for jigsaw has only one mounting, unlike manual saws.Although today the world famous company "Bosch" produces electric jigsaws with two stops.In any case it is advisable to first read the instructions, which will be written, that is suitable to your instrument.For example, the company «Makita» produces jig mount, which is fundamentally different from other models.Both ends are specially sawn circles of different diameters.Naturally, nail file with another type of mounting jig is not put.

should be understood that the web may have different lengths.To cut the tree is usually 51-126 mm, metal - up to 106 mm.The choice should be based on the thickness of the workpiece.The thicker it is, the longer should be the canvas.For example, to perform the figure cut by sawing thin wood used for jigsaw.They are quite fragile, but give more opportunities to the operator.

canvas to work with laminate

Today many say that for the processing of wood flooring or laminate flooring needs only a clean cut.Someone may suggest to use almost diamond-coated fabric.However, the price of such a tool is very high for a set of 5 saws have to pay several thousand rubles.In fact, sometimes the jigsaw can cost so much.

So, it is not necessary to purchase the expensive tool.Usually enough blades for clean cuts.Of course, cleavage will be about 1-2 mm.However, in most cases, the laminate is closed plinths that much more cleavage.For this simple reason, do not overpay once again.Buying Jig Jig for laminate, pay attention to product quality.Many modern fabric is very eager when working with wood, particle board and laminate.So shop with a small margin.

Something about the shape of the teeth

tooth blade configuration determines the capabilities of the instrument.A large number of fine teeth, improving the quality of the cut, but significantly reduces the speed.If the teeth are few and large, such a cut would be extremely sloppy, but very fast.Conventionally, the shape of the teeth saw blade can be divided into the following groups:

  • Diluted (milled) - used for cutting soft materials such as wood and plastic, as well as non-ferrous metals.The layout helps to ensure that does not accumulate excess heat, and dust are removed from the cut and fabric.
  • Undulating (milled) - used to clean cutting of aluminum, soft materials (wood, plastic) and non-ferrous metals.The layout in this case, the groups, there are several teeth in a row in the same direction.
  • With conical grinding (ground) - a good solution for clean cuts in wood and plastic.Non-operating edge polished.It is typical for sawing jigsaw of laminate.
  • ground, divorced teeth - one of the best solutions for rough cutting of wood, particle board, blockboard and so on. N.

width and thickness of the fabric

If you choose is very important to pay attention to the width of the saw blade.This parameter depends on not only the quality but also the speed of work.If the web is wide, it is not only stable, but also more durable, and will not deviate substantially from the target plane.Of course, it is also a high-speed cutting, do not forget about it.At the same time narrow the sawing provide good maneuverability when compared with the broad.Location teeth on the drive shaft jigsaw to better follow the intended plane with minimal deviations.

thickness - is not the last option, which makes sense to pay attention to.Too thin blade can not provide proper squareness of cut.Furthermore, the thicker the sawing, the greater its resistance.

Something else

You probably know that the teeth of the blade should be harder than the material being processed.For example, to perform the work on the saw cut glass, ceramics, metal and stone, need special saws.The main requirement - increased strength.It is best to use for such purposes bimetal webs are 1/3 consist of hardened steel and 2/3 - from high.The service life of saw blades is large enough, so they will be repaid with interest.Furthermore, the risk of sudden breakdown here is much lower than in the classical embodiments.But how to choose a nail file for jigsaw is easy, and you already know how to do it, then you have no problem in selecting an appropriate bimetal blade.


If we talk about the producers that are proven, it is the company "Bosch", "Makita" and "The Practice."Pilkey these firms are renowned worldwide for their high quality and good performance characteristics.If you are not afraid to spend the extra 200 rubles, buy paintings of these brands, and do not regret anything.Do not forget that all saws have a purpose, use for other purposes is unlikely to lead to the expected results.Jigsaw - the tool vysokooborotisty so securely attached belt and try to work in protective glasses and gloves.Basically, we have reviewed the main types of saw blades for jigsaw.Now you know that there are blades for wood, metal and combined to other materials.Drawing attention to the labeling of the product and its method of attachment, you definitely make the right choice.