Maternity and newborn in the "Guinness Book of Records"

known in all of us "Guinness Book of Records," there are a lot of facts dealing with newborn babies and motherhood.

Today we tell you about some of the records recorded in this area.

greatest number of children

The largest number of children born to one mother, according to official figures, is equal to 69. According to reports made in 1782, in the period between 1725 and 1765.wife of Russian peasant Fyodor Vasilyev gave birth 27 times, thus producing the light 16 times twins, triplets 7 times and 4 times in 4 twin.Of these, only 2 children died in infancy.

From our contemporaries considered the most prolific mother Leontina Albina (or Alvin) from San Antonio, Chile, which in 1943-81 years.She gave birth to 55 children.As a result, the first 5 pregnancies in her triplets were born, and only male.

to give birth to the greatest number of times

record number of times - 38 - giving birth, according to Elizabeth Greenhill Ebbots of Langley, c.Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.She had 39 children - 32 sons and 7 daughters, and died in 1681

most elderly woman in labor

At the age of 63 years old July 18, 1994 Rosanna Dalla Corta from Viterbo, Italy, gave birth to a boy;before that she was treated for infertility.According to the University of Southern California, in 1996, she gave birth to a child as 63-year-old Rex ARCEL.

heaviest newborn baby in singleton pregnancies

The heaviest surviving newborn, which official data are available, weighed 10.2 kg.It was a boy, born in 1955 Carmelina Fedele in Aversa from Italy.

In Britain this century the largest recorded in the "Guinness Book of Records' birth weight (7 kg) was Guy Warwick Carr, born in 1992

Newborn with the lowest weight in singleton pregnancies

At Loyola University Medical Center, Illinois, United States, June 27, 1989, according to the official report, as a result of premature birth was born a girl weighing only 281 grams.

most premature baby

128 days ahead of schedule Brenda Gill Ottawa Ave. Ontario, Canada, May 20, 1987 a son, James Gill.Birth weight was 624 grams.

The longest interval between generic acts in multiple pregnancies

Peggy Lynn from Huntington, NY.Pensilvan!USA, gave birth to a baby girl Hannah November 11, 1995 and the second of the twins, Eric - only after 84 days (February 2, 1996.).

Siamese twins

conjoined twins became known as "Siamese" after near Meklonga in Siam (Thailand) May 11, 1811 born glued to the sternum Chang and Eng Bunkers.They married Sarah and Adelaide Yates of pieces.North Carolina, USA, and were respectively 10 and 12 children.They died in 1874, and with a difference of 3 hours.

most extreme form of this phenomenon - the human being with two heads, four arms and two legs (dicephales tetrabrachius dipus).The only documented case of this kind - Masha and Dasha Krivoshlyapovy born in January the Soviet Union.

first successful operation to separate Siamese twins made December 14, 1952 at Mount Sinai Hospital, Cleveland,.Ohio, USA, Dr. Jacques S. Geller.

largest number of multiple births in the same family have

Maddalena grenades from Italy (p. 1839) 15 times triplets were born.

There is also information about the birth of May 29, 1971 in Philadelphia, PA.Pennsylvania, United States, and in May 1977 in Bagarhate, Bangladesh, 11 twins.In both cases, no child survived.

most prolific pregnancy

Dr. Gennaro Montanini, Rome, Italy, says that in July 1971 removed from the uterus 35-year-old woman who had a 4-month pregnancy, embryos were 10 girls and 5 boys.This unique case is the fruit of 15 was the result of taking the pills for infertility.

9 children - the highest number in the same pregnancy - birth to 13 June 1971 Geraldine Brodrick in Sydney, Australia.Born 5 boys and 4 girls 2 boys were stillborn, and the remaining none lived more than 6 days.

about 10 births of twins (2 boys and 8 girls) know from reports from Spain (1924), China (1936) and Brazil (April 1946)..

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