Catch become beautiful before the New Year?

Someone buys gifts for sale for six months until the New Year, but someone at the last minute grabs that have not yet sold out.Similarly, the first in October signed the experts "do body."And the others?Most of us will make a fuss before the holiday, the last few days trying to miraculously turn into a Christmas princess.Well, that, too, so it is possible.Here they are - 5 body treatments that are effective even when there are very few times.

Body peeling

Scrub and you can cook at home, but still better to go to the salon.The procedure for a short time, is cheap, the effect is beautiful, but still be able to relax.Peeling part with seeds, fruit acids or silicone beads applied to the skin with soft massage movements, focusing on elbows, knees and back area, to which the most difficult to reach.Peeling can be done the week before the New Year.If you then pamper body moisturizers, the effect will last for a long time.What is nice - peeling gives a sense of lightness, as if you lost an hour a couple

of extra kilos.


This hardware procedure - ideal for those who are prone to edema.You lie yourself in a suit that resembles a space suit, relax, and pulsating wave compresses the hands and feet, expelling excess fluid from the body.Even after one session, people predisposed to fluid retention, loses much of its volumes.This is quite evident in the clothes and shoes that suddenly after the procedure are high.Pressure therapy can be done one-time - the day before the holiday or time to conduct a mini-course of two or three sessions.When it just will not stay bruises on the body, so the procedure can be scheduled even at 31 December.By the way, to restore the party after a successful pressure therapy, too perfect.

Waxing and shugaring

New Year Eve marathon - not the best time for the laser and electrolysis.So if a serious struggle with the vegetation you are still in the plans on the eve of holidays is better to remove the hair a more traditional way - using wax or sugar paste.If you have never done this, go to the hair removal a week before the holiday, as some wax is and irritation.There may be another problem - an inflammation of the second or third day after hair removal.In secret: dermatologists in this case prescribe complex preparations such as "Triderm cream", which contains anti-inflammatory hormones, antibacterial and antifungal components.


About manicures and pedicures certainly remembered it.But there is a fine procedure, which is very ideal winter season - paraffin.Hot wax deposited on the skin of hands and feet, making it softer and softer, improves blood flow, smoothes out wrinkles, eliminates peeling and dryness.Just before the very good to make paraffin hand peeling.


If you want to open a dress and make the skin more dark, make tanning salon.It is completely safe, and the skin will maintain a luxurious shade of a couple of weeks after one treatment.In the context of a beauty shop uniform application of bronzer probability is much higher.Accordingly, you are more likely to delight friends beautiful complexion.

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