How do I know whether to change your man?

fact, all psychologists in one voice declare that there is no feeling more destructive than jealousy.And before interested in the question of how to find out whether to change your man, you should look deep inside yourself, "is it you want?" After all, in the case of a positive response girl waiting for a terrible, sometimes a difficult choice between the trampled pride and a sense of ownership on the oneside and loving relationship - with another.But if the truth outweighs the desire, then here are some ways I tell you how to find out whether you cheated on a guy or religiously faithful.

Email - a great assistant

Almost everyone today has an electronic mailbox, and not one.This option is based on the use of e-mails - the easiest way how to find out whether you cheated on a guy during the holidays or parties.To find the answer to the question tormenting the soul, you just need to find yourself another secret e-mail.It is silent about it even with her best friend - who knows that she can take to learn about your desire to check out your favorite?So, one evening, to apply for a chosen one, came under question, e-mail about this content: "I still remember our last meeting ... And you?" Or "Very miss your hands and eyes, let's meet?" If a guywill continue the conversation, do not talk about the message of his girlfriend, then it is 50% of what his hand was a real betrayal, or he does not deny the possibility of such, which is also not palatable.

Evening phone call

And if a young person does not have a computer or the Internet?Oddly enough, but this option can take place.How to check the guy on change in this case?Well, it's complicated, but it is also possible!It is to buy a new SIM card, ask someone or itself change your voice and make it a phone call with an offer to meet.Toward the appointed time revnivitse should "stand for the post of" so as to be able to watch its arrival.So how do you know whether you cheated on a guy, absolutely can not even be in this situation, the girl still appears at least possible to calculate whether the young man the desire to make such a change.

Signs of male infidelity

should not be here to list all the signs that point to man's infidelity.Let it will deal exclusively with young people who are not related by marriage and maintaining a common household.What, then, are these signs?

  1. change in the young man to do with his appearance.
  2. change in attitude to the girl standing in the worse (inattention, he became less to spend time with her, often to reflect, silent, gifts began to present less and become less interesting), and for the better (increased attention as a struggle with guilt).
  3. changes in habits and manners.
  4. frequent omissions meetings for reasons of employment at work or a trip to the trip, which was not there before.

But even felt betrayal, not always worth dramatically sever relations.For men - being polygamous, they want to prove their worth in that conquer other women.Therefore, the best option would not confrontation, is likely to lead to a rupture, and the change itself.Perhaps we should pay attention to their appearance, to his inner world, to become more attractive, interesting, enthusiastically.Or simply - to change yourself completely!Become a brunette from blonde, from a modest "botanichki-excellent pupil" - unfettered vamp of smoking - smoking rooms, of flirtatious fun - pensive filosofiney ... Let him better, he will break his head over the reasons why his girlfriend so suddenly changed!