How to build shoulders.

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Beautiful inflated broad shoulders of men - the subject of admiration of women, the rate of strength and masculinity.Inflate the shoulder is not as difficult as it seems at first glance, to cope with it the strength not only bodybuilders but also laymen.Every man at will may slightly adjust its shape, giving it a more weighty and powerful look.The most important thing in order to pump up his shoulders - a knowledge of some of the exercises, and the specifics of the implementation of their desires.

First of all you need to know that the shoulders consist of several muscle groups (they are called the deltoid) - front, back and middle.It is thanks to them that we can to raise their hands.How quickly pump up his shoulders?This is fairly easy, doing the exercises, you need to pay attention to each of the three groups of muscles.I should say that every movement, suggesting the rise of any weight over the head creates a certain pressure on them.However, for faster and more fully achieve the result it is necessary to carry out specially designed for the purpose of exercise.

  • To perform this task, you will need dumbbells.Sit on a chair, keeping your back straight.Lift the dumbbells up to shoulder level, placing his palms together.Inhale while resting his feet on the floor and straighten your arms.Then make a small pause, and return to their original location shells (the shoulders).Repeat the exercise eight times eight approaches.It is important during the execution to see to it that the body leaning backward, his hands when lifting the dumbbells positioned vertically.
  • This exercise is done with a barbell.You need to take the starting position (the bar on the shoulders) and a few times to lift it over his head.It is not an easy exercise will allow pretty quickly pump up shoulders.Total must perform 4 sets of 8 reps.
  • Being in a sitting position, and holding dumbbells netoropyas, your arms up and then to the side (they should go up to shoulder level).Pause and return to its original position, and while controlling muscle tension.Do not forget to inhale and exhale when lifting the reverse movement.It is recommended to load eight times for three sets.
  • following exercise will not only pump up his shoulders, and triceps disappoint.Take the rod, and the hands should be at a distance of 10 centimeters from each other.Jerk lift the shell to the level of the chin, and return back.Total must perform three sets of ten times each.
  • This exercise is pretty heavy, so its performance should start with a dumbbell lighter weight, gradually increasing the weight and therefore the load.In both hands take dumbbells and lift them alternately forward and up over his head.Do three sets of eight repetitions.

Making exercise, remember that the trauma shoulder muscles is very dangerous to health.Therefore it is necessary to carry out load carefully, cautiously and wisely.Before class, be sure to perform a warm-up, which will warm up the muscles, preparing them to exercise.Heed to the choice of the weight of the shells, in the initial stages it is recommended to conduct classes with a fixed pole.During exercise, pay attention to the position of the back, it must be kept upright.It is important that with the head facing forward and elbows are not pinched.Wrists under certain loads should be placed parallel to the forearm.And remember that the bar falls below the desirable level of the neck.By following these instructions, you will be able to avoid sports injuries of the shoulder.

Now that we know a lot about how to pump up the muscles of the shoulders, you can easily work to improve their figures.