What is marketing?

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word "marketing" now sounds everywhere.But what is marketing?How to define this concept?

all scientists who study the concept came to the conclusion that the marketing - the process and the arts.The definitions of the various schools differ, but if they are considered, it becomes clear that it is based on a process of satisfying human needs by using the free exchange of goods and services for money.Marketing - a two-way process.On the one hand, it is beneficial to producers because it allows you to make a profit.On the other - the buyers or consumers get what they need.

If you try to give a brief answer to the question "what is marketing," we can say that this control system requires strict accounting of all the processes occurring in the market.

What is the purpose of marketing?The establishment of a production environment as much as possible adapted to the demands and changes in the market, the public demand.The aim also is to improve the competitiveness, profit maximization, the creation of tools needed to explore the market.

In order to make the company successful enough to know the answer to the question "What is marketing."We must clearly understand its basic functions.These include:

  • study of consumer needs, or demand for the product (service);
  • study of all issues related to the pricing;
  • good planning assortment of goods, their production and marketing features;
  • promotional activities;
  • personnel management;
  • study of all cycles, which passes goods (services) on the way from production to sale.

If we take into account all structural components, then the question "What is marketing" can be given a different answer.It is a science that studies the rules of production and sale of goods.

Like any science, marketing has its own principles:

  • to make a profit, the production of the product and its implementation must meet three conditions: the company's opportunities, customer needs, the peculiarities of the market at the moment.
  • product must fully meet customer requirements, meet the technological and aesthetic level.
  • Constant updating and improvement of the range - one of the sine qua non of success of the enterprise.
  • ability to instantly react to changes in the market - the most important guarantee of good returns.

One of the components of marketing - the ability to properly advertise and "promote" goods.In this regard, it is developing new variety - marketing on the Internet.

What is Internet Marketing?This transfer of all known conventional techniques and tools of marketing within the scope of the network, the unity of action on promotion and product promotions.The main purpose of internet marketing is the same: the extraction of the maximum profit.

You do not always use fair methods.For example, a lot of inconvenience to consumers today - Internet users - brings viral marketing.

What is viral marketing?This dissemination of information about the product by running the virus in the network.It may be a rumor spreading in social networks, a special viral video, provocative messages.The most frequently used for such marketing to attract visitors to certain sites, earning per click.

Today, however, the possibility of viral marketing is growing, it is used for brand recognition, promotion of a product.Today it is the most popular and commonly used method of advertising.He is developing very quickly.Therefore, viral marketing techniques (as, indeed, the most usual), you should be aware of all businessmen who want to have a good profit.