How to align the ceiling with his hands

Have you noticed, coming to visit their friends and acquaintances, some of their apartments often does not produce the most enjoyable?Oddly enough, but this is not the toilet, do not come and not even a balcony ... More often than not in a terrible state of the ceiling.

The causes are many: there are norovyaschie flood the neighbors, and the unwillingness to communicate with dirty and very hard work for its repair.Yes, and contact the maintenance company is often simply terrible: for the repair of the ceiling they ask such amounts that color hair stand on end involuntarily ... But the ceiling still have to go back, since his horrific appearance is not conducive to the creation of comfort in the room.So how to align the ceilings with their hands?

Over time, the ceiling comes into disrepair, cracks and irregularities.It is necessary to make repairs.There are two types of alignment: the so-called "dry" and "crude" methods."Dry" refers to the alignment with the help of plastic panels, ceiling tiles, drywall sheets and similar materials.The "raw" refers to work with materials and mixtures containing water (filler, primers, etc.).This crude method is most often used professional builders, as it gives the best results.Since this method to align the ceiling is quite difficult, before performing the repair is best to study a theory.

When using "wet" method should pay attention to the choice of material.If defects are small, then it may be used for finishing putty, a fine-grained structure.In the case of major defects ceiling: wide cracks, ceiling tiles deformed or positioned at different heights, use the first starting putty or plaster.It should be noted that the extensive defects and complete peeling old coating must be completely removed and applied it mixes again.Before you align the ceiling with plaster does not hurt to walk on building databases and select the most advantageous offers from sellers.Trying to save time and material causes that have to redo everything from scratch.

In addition, do not attempt "to cheat" with the help of plaster closing up all surface defects.Before you align the ceiling for painting (after plastering), you can find a lot of cracks, flaking areas with plaster and other unpleasant things.And all because you once took the trouble to properly clean the surface ...

if necessary overlay layer thickness of more than 2-3 cm it is necessary to reinforce the surface.For this purpose, the steel reinforcing mesh or serpyanku.Mounting serpyanka laid when embedding joint or gypsum plasterboard sheets so that after drying putty not formed cracks.So how to align the ceiling with reinforcing mesh quite difficult, better to worry about a reliable assistant.

After drying putty ground surface.The primer is desirable to choose a deep permeability.We do not recommend to use cheap, because in some cases they contain so much water that the composition begins to crack when dry.To work must take spatulas in two forms: narrow (for a set of material) and wide (for spreading over a large area).Here are the specific dimensions have to decide yourself.

We hope that you have learned about how to align the ceiling with his own!