Forest resources of the world - the gifts of nature to mankind

is now very active pace of economic activity world-wide led to a significant reduction of natural resources.Land and forest resources of the world are subjected to tough use in connection with the ever-increasing world population.

Vegetation of the Earth can be divided into two broad categories: wild and cultivated flora.Currently, there are six thousand species should focus on the common varieties.Total 15-20 has similar crops such as rice, wheat, corn, soybean, and others.Forest resources of the world are a significant part of the category of wild flora of the Earth.Like many other types of natural assets is exhaustible sources, which nevertheless can be recovered.This type of natural resources used for many different purposes, and perform various tasks.

Forest resources of the world are traditionally characterized by three main indicators, including forest land, the size of the occupied area, as well as stocks of standing timber.However, despite the fact that every year there is an increase for

each of the indicators, it is necessary to note some problems.

Forest resources of the world since ancient times been used for the construction and rehabilitation of housing, both ancient and modern people.Currently, almost half of harvested wood goes to the above-described purpose.This technical progress does not detract from the attractiveness of natural textures.Designers and architects all over the world have successfully used similar materials in their projects.However, in spite of the various measures for the conservation of natural resources, consumption is much greater than the supply, and this leads to the fact that the forest resources of the world are gradually reduced.

In addition, since ancient times, there is an active development of agriculture.In turn, it also caused the deforestation of the planet.It is estimated that each year the forest area is reduced by about 0.5 percent.This means that even the growth of existing forest cover and other factors described above, can not cover all the needs of humanity.

And it was the forest, as well as the marshes is the "lungs" of the planet.This means that they are responsible for the replenishment of oxygen in the atmosphere.It should be noted that the reduction in forests also leads to destruction and soil erosion, which deteriorates agriculture.

world's forest resources.Table Distribution of forest area

Region area, million. Ha
World 4170
Europe 200
Asia 530
North America 850
South America 850
Africa 740
Australia and Oceania 200

analyzing this table, it can be noted that the world's forest resources form two main regions called belts: southern and northern.This timber reserves are distributed about equally.South zone is located in the tropical and equatorial climate, while the north covers the temperate and subtropical climate zone.