Activities on the Environment

and protecting the environment are a set of measures and activities aimed at reducing and eliminating the negative impact of human activity on the natural environment.The main areas of these complexes is the protection of air, cleaning and neutralization of waste water, water conservation, measures to protect the soil cover and the protection of forests.

all measures to protect the environment can be divided into several categories:

1. Economic.

2. Pure.

3. Administrative and legal.

4. Technical and production.

Depending on the impact, measures to protect the environment can be classified as regional, national and international.Such systems allow various organizations to monitor the nature, to take appropriate decisions and implement them effectively.The result of these measures is a reduction risk of extinction of life on Earth, the legal regulation of appropriate and effective use of a variety of natural resources, protection of rare species of flora and fauna.

list of activities for the protection of the environment, to protect the air:

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1. The use of fuel and raw materials that reduce harmful emissions, development of methods for the use of environmentally friendly renewable energy sources.

2. Purchase of new equipment that meets specified standards.The introduction of more efficient technologies for the processing and utilization of the materials, substances and fuel resources.

3. The introduction of systems for the recycling of waste and flue gases both industrial and individual character.

4. Development of cleaning and neutralization of exhaust gases, as well as systems for measuring and monitoring the content of harmful substances in them.

5. Improving conditions for dispersion of emissions, removal and reduction of fugitive emissions sources organized.

Measures for environmental protection, to protect water resources of the planet:

1. Construction of new and modernization of old facilities for the collection, treatment, transportation and release of waste water.

2. Development of water wells.

3. Create and maintain the desired mode on the content of the water protection zones, as well as ensuring proper health standards in the areas of water intakes.

4. Elimination of pollution of groundwater and surface water, waste water and waste products of animals and humans.

5. cleaning, neutralization of waste water.

Measures for Environmental Protection, which are aimed at preventing and reducing the harmful effects of waste:

1. Development and implementation of innovative technologies, the purpose of which - disposal of waste products.

2. Construction and modernization of facilities for storage and neutralization of waste, as well as the selection of special areas for their burial.

3. Widespread tanks and containers for the collection of specific types of waste and waste products.