If your friend is disinterested - it's great!

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in the brilliant novel by Ilf and Petrov's "12 chairs" is a very colorful character - the mountain-father, pop Fedor Vostrikovs.After learning about the treasures of Madame Petukhova, he set out to outstrip the legitimate heir Hippolyte Matveyevich Vorobyaninov (Pussycat).Its purpose is not Christian conman father Fyodor covered a remarkable phrase, which became independent for a long time: "Not for personal gain, and the will that sent his wife on me!»

selfish and unselfish

What is greed?Greed, the benefits, the pursuit of their own interests to the detriment of others.And if the person is disinterested?This is a completely different moral category.As a rule, the main trait of personality - altruism.Everything that they do for someone diligently perform, in good faith, not for show.The main thing a person does not require and does not wait for his good deeds and no thanks card when it is unselfish.This distinguishes it from those who also work, but for the money.

Reward kindness

Strange as it may sound, but also for the unselfishness there a fee.More precisely, the reward.Even in the first quarter of the XIX century (1824), the Russian Emperor Alexander I established the appropriate medal.They cast it in silver and decorated with the imperial regalia own profile.

Over the history of the medal was awarded only one person to be awarded by it, that is, in the eyes of the state was selfless.It was one Khovrin, non-commissioned officer from Nizhny Novgorod.He caught the thief who stole a very large sum in those days - eighteen thousand four hundred rubles, and everything to the penny returned to the victim - by the name of Major Koltov.That's when it was decided that Khovrin selfless.This is recorded in the annals of history, distinguished himself by presenting a new medal.

Vow nestyazhatelstva

Bessrebnichestvo, nestyazhatelstvo considered essential qualities of true Christians.Jesus - the most striking example of this ideal behavior.Unselfish people will never seek to hoarding, not looking for wealth, he was not peculiar to the greed and avarice.That is how to behave once hermit monks, fools, strangers.They knew how to be content with little, or rather, the most necessary.We spend time in prayer and fasting.Selflessness - a necessary component to establish harmonious relations between members of society, citizens of the state.After all, the basis of selflessness - love for people, relatives and strangers.And generosity, humility, charity.On this point again like to recall the words of Christ.Preaching, he pointed out that there is little to be kind to their family members, to forgive them, to provide assistance.For even sinners do so!But truly selfless acts one who helps outsiders respond to someone else's misfortune, engaged in charity.In the same line of spiritual values ​​and is disinterested friendship.

manifestation of selflessness

When exactly can we say that someone acted selflessly?What has been the quality of it, in what specific situations shown?For example, in the rejection of gifts, offerings.Sometimes even a harmless bunch of flowers may be an attempt to pay for a good deed.It seems a trifle, why not accept it?But then completely erased every selflessness!The fact of the matter is that it is generally not intended to, and does not accept no, absolutely no transactions and payments.

With selflessness consistent full refusal of honors and awards, the manifestation of benevolence and courtesy in response to a frank crudeness and rudeness.Unrequited love, no hope for her, too unselfish, like friendship with people "just so" without any calculation popolzovatsja their position, influence, money, help, and so on. D. Unselfish people - the righteous, that hold more our world.