Man spontaneous - it is an irresponsible person or brave?

term "spontaneity" is used in the modern world in a negative way, and personified the unpredictability, lack of control, impulsiveness.But recently it was implied under the harmless suddenness and unexpectedness of action.Spontaneous person is suspected in others, mistrust and condescending attitude, led to fears that at any moment he might do something out of the ordinary.According to the established unanimously by the society opinion, such a person can not be relied upon because of its reckless unpredictability.Is it dangerous spontaneity, and how to identify it is a "dangerous" quality?

Spontaneity - is it good or bad?

In psychology spontaneity historically explained differently.Some sources spontaneous person - is a person who finds the strength and courage to act according to its own internal impulses, ignoring external influence.In others, it is the inability to control his behavior, a complete lack of awareness do things.Thus, spontaneous first erected on a pedestal, and then asked her quite rude not to release occupied space on the right.The concept of free expression of the individual struggling against the lack of control, and vice versa.Both concepts are quite interesting, because spontaneous personality for a long time causes any admiration or contempt.

brief moment of celebration of spontaneity

The scales in psychology continued to drag spontaneity in one direction and then the other.Some argue that people spontaneously - this is a dangerous and unreliable person, because they do not know how and did not want to own them, while others praised individualism and the ability to be yourself.The end of this protracted debate Moreno put the teachings of Jung and Fromm, who boldly said that we are examining the phenomenon - one of the driving energy of the human being, and the ability to be spontaneous - it is a sign of this person.According to their concept, it is the quality of the person is considered to be a huge force pushes the person to self-realization and freedom of expression.

spontaneity in their mouths was the challenge to the established principles and stereotyped behavior.It has become fashionable to be "a", "to dare to embark on its way" instead of the usual "so do all, that means I have to", "to be like the others."Spontaneity was definitively established on the podium and was proclaimed "the road to self-development."

today.Be spontaneous - not in vogue ?!

Years passed, passed into oblivion masters of psychological sciences, managed to return to the good name of spontaneity.And again she fell into disgrace of the people, she was credited with such negative qualities as lack of control, impulsivity, and unpredictability.In today's world people spontaneously - a man infantile, irresponsible and immature, unable to rein in its insatiable "I".Be spontaneous - alas!- Can only children.

dynamically developing world crushed under our self and learn to follow responsibilities, schedules and stereotypes.Moral duty, education, social constraints tied our hands, and we do not resist, convinced that it should be.Even spontaneous speech today is not held in high esteem - everything must be thought out, calibrated on all sides and current supplied through the screen pattern.And few of us find the strength to follow the inner convictions, without hearing the indignant cries of society to move towards freedom of the "I".And we still can not decide for themselves who they are - outcasts of society or the real person?

way for spontaneity!

constantly live in the world of standards heavy and sad.Everyone has the right for a brief moment in one's dotage and to feel free, to let off steam and to return to the familiar life.For spontaneity, like all good things, it must have a time and a place.How to achieve such a state?

  • Turn off the phone at night.
  • Book CafĂ© in the dishes, which have never been tried.
  • aimlessly walk around the neighborhood.
  • Go to visit friends, which have not met.
  • Take the bus and ride around the streets.
  • Put that never wore.
  • Go to the cinema to any movie.

These actions will give you positive emotions and energy.You will be able to feel free spontaneous personality.

No matter how developed the topic, the questions that people spontaneously - is it good or bad, the spontaneity - a danger to society or a form of self-expression, every person has the right to respond in their own way, based on their own vision of the concept.But do not currently overlap oxygen if spontaneity for you - a source of joy, movement and life.