From year to three: Autumn-Winter Collection 2014 by Prénatal

Autumn-Winter Collection 2014 by Prénatal will create for each child's unique and inimitable way, it gives kids between the ages of one to three years a huge variety of colors, fantasy, original styles and materials.The new collection will allow the child to be dressed for the weather, while remaining small dandies and charming princess.

in the collection Back to school in style College dominated the blue, gray, red, green, cream tones and Scottish cage.Bright and practical plush skirts, T-shirts with short sleeves, jersey suits, sets of long sweaters and leggensov.

Boys Prénatal College, offers a line of blue, gray and greenish tones, with red trim.Practical clothes for every day, in strips or with numbers, like real players.

favorites of the season are bright and contrasting prints.Designers this season are actively using various floral patterns, bows, decoration of light transparent fabric, velvet, coloring polka dot and lace.

Little Princess will definitely find something for themselves in l

ines and Romantic Bon ton Prénatal, a play on a variety of shades of color: pink, purple, red, gray, cream, beige and blue.The designers of this line of thought is not only practical, but also to emphasized femininity models.After all, to instill a sense of fashion and taste, it is important from an early age.

Any kid, and, of course, his mother will love the line Denim Street, created under the influence of pop culture.The images of Mickey Mouse and other favorite characters from cartoons everywhere: on jackets, shirts, vests.Fabric effect denim used in cardigans, waistcoats and trousers.

Collection Prénatal Zoo offers a nice plush cardigans and t-shirts with images of a dragon, a lion and a bear.

in line Casual kids will enjoy the image of Batman and Superman on products from T-shirts and denim, made in bright red, blue, green and white.

In Russia, knitted things will always be relevant in the autumn-winter season.Because clothes of the season warmed supplemented knitted and woolen items.Habitual knits perfectly with trousers.

World Cup is dedicated to a special line of products for young athletes Prénatal: Cardigans and long pants jersey in three versions.

Subject sea does not want to leave us in the fall.Northern Seas line devoted Winter Navy, established in blue, blue, beige and gray tones.T-shirts and knitted cardigans embellished lace and stripes, striped vests and printed fabric, pants in the style of Prince Gaul coexist with cheerful pictures of a cartoon about Tom and Jerry.