Lessons practical astrology: what zodiac signs fit together

Like the beam is refracted through the prism of all the colors of the spectrum, the Sun passes through the zodiacal circle, exerts its influence on each constellation.And each of us born under that sign, or otherwise.From his position largely depends on improvement of our personal lives.

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Before we discuss what zodiac signs fit together, I want to dwell on such "trifles".In interpersonal relations it is very important not to go too far, trying to reshape the partner on its own way.It is impossible to drive a loved one into the Procrustean bed of his ideals, however wonderful they may seem to you.For any person it is important to always be yourself, to lead a natural way of life for him.How it is implemented it depends largely on what kind of signs of the zodiac really fit together, and what turned out to be near by chance.But look at some really good variant.

  • example, combines two great Taurus.Both the representative of the earth signs, couch potatoes who know and understand the nature and psychology of each other.Their marriage is going to be stable and long, especially since both partners will take care of the welfare of the house and the financial situation of the family.This directly relates to the question of what zodiac signs fit together.It is often family units break down of what the completion of the common purse and started up the hearth arrangement to chance.But the bullock, and both take control and be able to do it perfectly.However, the material may be a question and embroil them.But if you want, and it always will be, a situation easy to fix!
  • What are the signs of the zodiac for each other more, so it is Capricorn.Their family may be an example of strength and long-term, especially if everyone in tandem learn to respect personal space and the interests of another.Moreover, the interests and the favorite is not drawn a husband and wife to each other: on the contrary, they will have something to share and talk about anything!
  • As can be seen from the above that best fit together with each other, those whose native element Protecting a land-mother.So the answer to the question of what is suitable Sign Virgo, comes by itself: Virgo!Why is that?Yes, because the people of this sign, by and large, maximalists.They make high demands on others, only themselves and which may correspond.Moreover, such people - from the birth of true partners, who are always ready to support the half.And if there are two people, endowed with these qualities, together they become a monolith.

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If the "earthlings" nice to get along with each other, then what about the other verses, such as fire?Which zodiac sign Aries is suitable?Already familiar Taurus!Astrologers say that the Taurus - the most reliable and strongest of all the zodiacal circle friend, comrade, partner Aries.Including the marriage!The benefits from the alliance for both undeniable and their family is going to be perfect.The second pair is an ideal compound of Sagittarius and Aries, the more that the first is considered to be a logical continuation of astrology and the second supplement.Because marriage between them is one of those that are made in heaven.

And finally - one more advice from the practice of astrology.If for some reason the family breaks - separated for the waning moon.You will not hurt so much, and to establish a new relationship would be easier.