Corporate Code

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In the West, every employee in any company knows and respects the basic rules that are accepted in the team.These rules strictly regulate the behavior of employees and customers, including each other, allowing you to more effectively negotiate, and most importantly, engage in team teaching.They are called not only as "corporate code".Looking at the European experience, in our country, many large companies have also started to develop and introduce something similar.There is a trend: the bigger the company, the more bulkier code.However, if the organization is to develop and adopt a code, and the executives and employees need to understand the seriousness of this step.After all, such a document if it prescribed rules are not followed, could harm the reputation of the company.

Code of the company has several objectives.The first is to create a positive impression about the company and, consequently, increased confidence in the products that it produces, and to increase investment in the development of the organization.In this case, the text of the Code, or rather, the main key points of customer oriented and are presented in the form of a booklet, located for consumers and investors in the public domain, for example, in the lobby of the company.Secondly, such a document to avoid conflicts, and if there was a difficult ethical situation, it makes it easy to find a way out of it.Third, the corporate code promotes team building, the development team feeling of collective identity.Fourth, the Code is intended to help beginners navigate the situation and will join the team, in fact it could not be more convenient to be merged and allocated to the points of the basic information.

Normally such a document consists of two parts.The first part includes the company's history, significant events of its activities, projects, etc., a description of the mission, goals and values ​​of the company's employees and the company as a whole.Second - specifically describes the standards of behavior in a given situation, here also include a schedule of employees, which reflects the operating time, the presence of weekends and holidays, the rules on leave, the organization of the working space, and even the appearance of employees.And appearance is given is not the last place.After all, from the look of each employee, depending on the customer's impression of the company as a whole.So often companies are developing special corporate identity, which must adhere to absolutely everyone who works in the company.

Many companies are coming up with a slogan that knows and respects each member of the team.A separate application may contain rules and regulations for employees, as well as various schemes.Thus, the achieved unity and cohesion.However, not enough to develop a corporate code and communicate it to employees, we must also make sure that it worked.This can happen only if the drafting of the document will take part in almost all the staff.They need to understand what this document is and how it will help them in their work, and should be able to apply it in practice.

main and constant conditions - Code of corporate culture should be the same for everyone - for employees, and managers.In this regard, an important role is played by the personal example of company executives.So, if the director calls courtesy of its staff, the first thing he must adhere to the rules of polite tone.Code of conduct involves motivating activities such as remuneration, bonuses.And they are also documenting.Today, the existence of this document, the company is considered as a commitment to standards of conduct, and provides an output of an organization or enterprise in the world market.