Selling text: examples.

is well known that trade is the engine advertising.This is even more true for online business.After all, there are huge resources now are concentrated in sales and services.This, in turn, generates more demand for high-quality promotional content, including so-called selling texts.This article, whose task is not only and not so much to inform the site visitor about something as easy digestible text through subtly convince the reader to buy the offered goods or use of services provided.

Order or write your own?

If you are the owner of an online store and you need a material that increases sales, it is easier to just order it from professionals, contact a specialized agency of selling texts.Fortunately there is no shortage of them.Another thing is that for services such offices impose rather big bill.And given the fact that advertising texts usually need some, if not to say - a lot, their order will cost a round sum.And if you - just a beginner entrepreneur and do not have extra money on expensive services?In the latter case, as well as for those who do want to start a career as a copywriter, will be dismantled following the basic rules and principles that reveal the secrets of how to write selling texts.

Formulating objectives advertising article

So, the main task of selling text - to stimulate the visitor to your site to do any operation.As a rule, the end result of a visit by the user of the resource must be reduced to a clique on the button "buy" or "book."However, it is not only possible effects of which have a selling texts.Examples of other user operations on the site: registration, call the office, on-line consultation, newsletter subscription, request for a meeting with a representative of the company.

start writing promotional articles, the first thing you need to decide what exactly it should encourage the reader.When this goal is clearly stated, you can proceed to the next step.

important rule of writing articles selling

In the second stage of drawing up the text should clearly understand the following: a good marketing and SEO-optimized content is intended primarily for people.This means that the material must be readable, easy and entertaining.Of course, you can perfectly observe all canons of writing advertising copy, but the result would be unworkable.The most he can do is to promote the site on the first page when people search for keywords.However, a real person will close the tab with your resource before finish reading the text to the middle.As a consequence, he will make the purchase of competitors, and that they, in the end, will work such content.

why the second rule about how to create a sales letter is as follows: reasonable use of the algorithm for creating such texts, without causing them hostage.

specified destination

happens that when generating content advancing the advertiser is trying to reach a maximum audience.As a result, the output is a product for everyone.This disastrous error of PR, because the message of all the result is not addressed to anyone.As a result, the text does not do any good, being useless advertising garbage.To avoid this, it is necessary to determine the target audience - who designed your article who these people are, what their income, age and social status.It is necessary to enter into the role of the buyer, understand their needs, understand their problems and to understand the needs and give him exactly what he wants.Even if a person does not make an order immediately, he will remain a favorable impression of the site and at other times he would prefer for you.

To illustrate the right and wrong advertisement.Examples follow.

first option.It is not necessary to write selling articles

"You want to go on a romantic trip abroad? The cost of the trip will depend on several factors - the country, the city, the season, the service class and the list of services provided. Therefore, you should decide on your wishes and to provide all possible wasteplanning an unforgettable vacation for two. Specialists of our office ready to answer your questions to ... or call ... "

obvious shortcomings:

  • Firstly, for anyone to write this text is unclear - for students looking for a budget optiontravel, or for newlyweds contemplating where to spend a honeymoon, or perhaps for an elderly couple that wants to be noted for their golden wedding abroad?
  • Second, whatever the need may be a consumer, he can not find answers to your questions about the price, on the list of possible countries for available services.

Chances are, most people will not have any desire to communicate with the company and they will look for options on the websites of competing firms.

Option Two

selling How to write lyrics right?Consider a case in point.

"If you want to go on a romantic journey, then our company will help to fulfill the dream, taking into account all your wishes at an affordable price!

  • Western European countries (10 days) - from 850 to 2200 $ *.
  • Egypt, UAEMiddle East (10 days) - from 450 to 1750 $.
  • Countries North America (10 days) - from 1200 to 3500 $.
  • South American countries (10 days) - from 900 to 2700 $.
  • Costincludes life and health insurance, the price of tickets and hotel rooms for two, a romantic evening in a prestigious restaurant and tour the sights in all the cities included in the scheme of travel.
  • the service "all inclusive».
  • Special unique bonus Suiteand couples whose journey is timed to the anniversary of the wedding.
  • In addition to standard services, we'll take into consideration your individual wishes.

* Price is calculated based on the number of star hotels, the class of travel and geographic scheme of travel.

contact our office by telephone ... and we will be happy to advise you on all offers and choose the appropriate travel option.Also we are waiting for you at ... "

Here everything is clear - the price thresholds, standard services and additional features. The target audience is defined. In such a company would like to contact.

Article Contents

Keep in mind that distinguishes the best selling texts fromall the others. It is their clear structure and consistency. Competent texts unobtrusive. They do not offer outright purchase a product it is in your store, or use it to your service. On the contrary, you first need to establish points of contact with the problems of consumers and to express solidarity with him. In other words,in the text of a potential buyer will have to read his thoughts on some subject, to know yourself. Then should offer a solution to your problem with your product or service. By doing this, you need to consider two factors:

  1. We all have flaws, and your proposed productnot the exception. There is no need to deceive potential customers, assuring them that there is no real defects becoming available - not for this are selling texts.Examples of this are everywhere.On the other hand, do not need to focus on the negatives.Sometimes the obvious marriage is presented with a "+".It may be able to make a good selling texts.Examples are found anywhere, even on the used car market: the seller, realizing the car saves on painting, and wrote the following declaration: "His own painting."The buyer sees this identity that the car did not get into a serious accident.Thus, the obvious lack of a positive effect on sales.Another principle description of defective goods - defects must be sunk, dissolved in a sea of ​​the strengths and advantages of the product.Otten cons Plus, you act fairly, to inform about all aspects of the goods.At the same time you earn a reputation as an honest seller, which will increase the loyalty of potential buyers.By focusing on the positive qualities of the product, you run the risk of falling into the other extreme, as described in paragraph № 2.
  2. Excessive sharpen the focus on the merits of the product.Yes, all the pros have to be taken into consideration and made public, but it is not necessary for the purposes of advertising to use too loud slogans like this: "Our carrier for cats is the best in the world."When a reader feels a piece of propaganda, he intuitively do not trust us.Nobody wants to be bred for money, giving out a mediocre product of candy.Namely, since advertising is perceived too perfect product.Minimum undue praise, enthusiasm, a maximum of facts presented to the desired angle - that the ad text, examples of which provide high sales and consumer confidence.

extra motivation

If your store held any shares are granted bonuses or accumulative / promotional / discount programs, be sure to include this information in the text.This is a very powerful stimulus and an unbeatable weapon possessed by selling texts.Examples can be found in his own life - how many times did you do for the unplanned acquisition of the discount or return to the system of a certain percentage of the purchase price?You see ...

Use all available means.In addition to the above factors do not forget, when possible, to recall his prestige and achievements, provide the text with quotations from the positive reviews of your already held real customers, the statistical data, and so on. D.


Remember: no one anywhere, everdoes not provide you with a gold pattern selling text.Just because it does not exist.In each case, do not be afraid to experiment, to change something, to bring a touch of originality, play styles and vocabulary.The originality and good sense of humor are able to win no fewer customers than the correct key is inserted and thought-out structure.