Characteristics of the heroes of "After the Ball" and a summary of the works of Leo Tolstoy

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When people talk about Leo Tolstoy, then just remember the great epic works of Russian classics, such as "War and Peace" and "Anna Karenina."But Leo is good and in small forms.When he takes up the story or the story, he did not change his talent.In focus - "After the Ball."In this article we will look at the characteristics of heroes "After the Ball."


reason for the story stands an old story, the perennial question: the environment makes a person or a person creates their environment.There is a conversation between acquaintances, and he regards his personal development.

protagonist of Ivan, a man universally respected in the circle, where the conversation is carried out, tells a story of his life, which belies the fact that the human form the environment.

It was a long time ago, one of the main provincial officials arranged a ball in honor of the last day of Maslenitsa.Came to the ball all the provincial elite.

Ivan was then a student at the University of the same city.There was nothing, and the main entertainment - visit such events.At the ball, he saw a girl - Varenka B. and unconscious in love with her.She danced only with her.Varvara was the daughter of Colonel Peter Vladislavovich, who along with his wife of almost all the audience with his presence at the festival.

Father had to leave home.And goodbye, he danced with his daughter, so much so valiantly that they were all in a completely thrilled.Seeing this, the young Ivan was filled with warm feelings for the old man.The colonel left, and the young people (and Varvara Vanya), still dancing.In the morning everyone left.There subside events work "After the Ball."The heroes of the story can not yet be suspected of something bad.

Hero could not sleep, and he went to wander around the city.Inadvertently, unknowingly came to the house of his sweetheart.In the field adjacent to the house, stood a formation of soldiers.Under drumbeat and flute allowed gauntlet fugitive Tartar.He was beaten with sticks all the fluff on the back.The back has turned into a bloody mess and he could only repeat: "My Lord, my friends, have mercy."He spoke so quietly, because the cry he did not have enough forces.

supervised torture "dear Colonel," recently danced with his daughter at the ball.After this event, love Ivan went to Varya.Every time he looked at her face, he saw the Tartar, and his back.

Perhaps the reader tired excessive detail of the plot, but its consideration is absolutely necessary in order to understand what characteristics of the hero "After the Ball," it most closely matches.

Ivan - a man whose conscience is awakened

What then happened to Ivan Vasilyevich?Then, after the ball, he woke up the conscience, and he awoke from his sleep.So much so that it seems as if the whip steganuli, so sudden was the realization of general meanness, "light", which is no different from the darkness in a moral, a moral sense.So, we can say that the first characteristic of the heroes of "After the Ball" is ready: the main character can be defined as a person who has a conscience.


where everything is a bit more complicated.We can not say that the colonel and his daughter - unscrupulous people.For them, a hierarchy that existed in Russia in the 19th century - this is normal.OK, and what they can stretch their legs after the holiday or soothe excited nerves of human torture.There is nothing out of the ordinary.

reader may rightly say that if you do and think about the fact, what characteristics of the hero 'After the Ball' (implying specific colonel), then you need to blame only the old soldier.Oh, no, that will not do.Women colonel guilty in his fanaticism no less than himself.After all, they did not prevent him to commit them.


fanatic about her daughter not to say anything bad, but you can not say about it and good.It is a faceless character of the narrative.From it will be only a memory: it was stunningly beautiful, but substantively it is difficult to determine when it comes to revealing the theme "Characteristics of the heroes of" After the Ball "".

moral issues raised in the work

So, here in the heart of the eternal debate about proivzedeniya confrontation between the individual and society.The author also sharpens their attention (and the reader) to the abomination of human hypocrisy and duplicity.

Tolstoy in this story, even indirectly answers the question why, in fact, the Russian revolution happened: because the "higher-ups" allow themselves to such treatment "Nizami" and "lower classes" revenge.This is a brief moral content "After the Ball."In fact, this story can unfold like a fan, and other moral issues, but that's another story.