HP Pavilion G6: specifications.

company Hewlett Packard, presenting the market a series of notebooks HP Pavilion G6, did not deal with competitors in any one category.She enrolled easier, taking place in all price segments and to give the user the choice of the laptop needs and possibilities.All Series notebooks HP Pavilion G6 specifications are different, depending on the installed components.Choosing among the G6 series laptop provided modifications reminiscent of the designer - the user decides which processor should be set, what graphics card should work with him in a pair, not forgetting the necessary amounts of RAM and hard drive.

assembly and appearance

Appearance remains unchanged for notebooks HP Pavilion G6.Technical characteristics of the device do not affect the size, connections and build quality.At our first meeting with a laptop there is a feeling that the body is made of metal, but during the inspection it turns out that he is a plastic effect "under the metal."It looks great - like models of high level, especially the rounded corners give a chic body, sloping sides and wide metal hinges.One thing is not clear what the purpose of pursuing the company HP, releasing a series of G6 with a smart appearance "at the businessman" in different color versions, sometimes very bright and dynamic.Build quality is excellent - no creaks, no loose.The lid opens effortlessly.However, the compression of the closed laptop heard a little crunch.

quality display

The quality matrix display no complaints.The vertical and horizontal viewing angles are small, but quite enough for a small movie company.Color reproduction is praiseworthy, happy three-tier system adjust the brightness of the screen - to work, text, movies.Summed up in the laptop HP Pavilion G6 specifications screen resolution - 1366x768 pixels is very low for a high-quality display video in Full HD.And when using the Internet because of the low screen resolution often has to turn the pages.

keyboard and touchpad

Like all notebook manufacturer, the HP Pavilion G6 specifications of the keyboard and touchpad are impeccable.On the likeness of external keyboards, all keys laptop have a long course and tangible benefits.The keyboard is full, there are all of the buttons.Depending on version, you can find the keyboard without the numeric keypad.If you look, the keys have a slight slant to the ground, apparently to create a visual space between them.Laptop touchpad - the dream of every person.The surface of the abrasive at first seems, but after working a feeling that it should be so.The buttons are pressed easily and quietly.Users will appreciate the mute button touchpad.A small hole in the upper left corner of the touchpad is a button.Enabling and disabling takes a quick double-touch mute button, an action commensurate with a double click.

Sound praiseworthy

That's what really pleases HP Pavilion G6 Notebook PC - specifications sound system.The laptop speakers are installed on a very famous brand Altec Lansing.Together with the original panel settings SRS Audio Control is capable enough to give a loud and high quality sound.The high quality plastic housing laptop, even at maximum volume does not cut the ear opposite rattling, which often can be heard on laptops competitors.About the external speakers should forget gamers and multimedia, because they appreciate great sound speaker for watching movies and games.

excellent solution in terms of interfaces and ports

For developers that want to say thank you, it's because they, unlike its competitors, smart enough to leave the front and rear of the notebook without interfaces and ports.This decision allows the laptop against a wall or placed on other surfaces, freeing up more space.I am glad that HP has not renounced the use of obsolete drive DVD-RW - experience shows that the optical drive is used by users to create archives with important documents and photos.Drive with a USB port and a connector for charging takes the right panel of the notebook.In the left pane posted video outputs, a network socket, two audio ports and a memory card reader.All models of laptop HP Pavilion G6 Series specifications of wireless interfaces remain unchanged.By binding to the presence of WiFi module, working on all sorts of standards, including 802.11n, the manufacturer has added Bluetooth 2.1 standard.

Balancing price and performance

most important factor that significantly affects the price when buying a laptop HP Pavilion G6 - specifications.The graphics card and processor are in the laptop performance purpose laptop.For office work, you can choose the cheaper version with dual-core processor and integrated graphics.Multimedia laptop for entertainment and light gaming, you can select processors from Intel and AMD, which have two or four cores, and to pick up for them are more or less productive graphics card - the manufacturer did not waste your time, giving the user or integrated graphics card is powered by Intel, or discrete, butOnly from AMD.Accordingly,?by powerful processor and graphics card, you can pick up a decent gaming laptop.More remarkable than the laptop HP Pavilion G6 - volume characteristics of RAM and hard disk can be selected, too.From two to eight gigabytes of RAM and a quarter to a one terabyte hard drive volume - for any needs.

golden mean

praiseworthy decision of the manufacturer to provide a ready solution for the majority of buyers - Best laptop for many tasks components at a low price of the device itself.An example is the laptop HP Pavilion G6 2165SR, specifications which chooses the majority of users on two criteria - to work fast, the price was affordable.Quad-core processors from Intel, discrete graphics card, which will cope with simple games, 4GB of RAM, expandable up to eight gigabytes of hard drive from 500GB to one terabyte.All laptops with a discrete video card is possible with a small utility to disable the discrete and integrated graphics card to include.This significantly reduces the power consumption shutdown laptop, extending the battery life of the battery.

design and cooling system

Sophisticated air circulation perfectly cool all components of the notebook, so that even the most productive components that affect the performance of HP Pavilion G6, protected from overheating.Intelligent control system in normal mode without load the fan turns off, allowing you to enjoy the silence during operation.If the system is under load, for example, during the games, the system will change the fan speed, not allowing the components get very hot.The biggest disadvantage of the design notebook is that in case of clogging of the cooling system with dust during long term operation, a strong heating occurs which significantly reduces the characteristic HP Pavilion G6.The user has a problem with cleaning the notebook.To get to the cooling system, it is necessary to completely disassemble the laptop - to remove all covers, turn off all the modules, disconnect the keyboard and the screen is up to the motherboard.Not every user will cope with this task, clearly without the services of the service center can not do here.

battery life

If the original purpose of buying a laptop is a mobile, the device is now freely compete with the personal computer in ergonomics, which is why many users of laptop battery life is not interesting, but it is available.Depending on the installed components, laptop HP Pavilion G6 specifications battery life is low - between three and four hours.Yes, a good indicator of call it is impossible, but to watch a pair of movies on the road enough.Disabling wireless interfaces, a discrete graphics card, making optimum screen brightness, ensuring good air circulation, it is possible to significantly increase the duration of the laptop offline.