Breeds racehorses: description

Before talking about racehorses, need to understand the terms.The fact that the official classification of rocks is not used the term "cocktail".In dictionaries, "a race" is defined as a horse belonging to the breed of purebred horses and has excellent cross-country qualities.Purebred breeds in the world recites all three.One is called "English race horse."But as a rule, commonly referred to as race is not only the representatives of these three species, but of all horse breeds horses intended for competitions.

Horse Racing and Equestrian

oldest stud farm in England, was founded by King Henry VIII in the 16th century.It was continued by his successors.In the 17th century among the English aristocracy it has become fashionable to breed horses for sports.It should be noted that in the modern sense of "jump" and "horse riding" - a few different things.Under irregular understood horses tested for suitability for further breeding.The main thing that is required of a horse in the race - it's speed.In shor

t distance races.

Another thing - horse riding.Regarding the new breed racehorses (eg, Don), originally designed for use in the army, it is well established in sports, various games and competitions involving the interaction of horse and rider.There are many types of equestrian sport.It is included in the Olympic program.

Horse racing breed: the exterior features and behavior

course of a horse waiting primarily agility.However, the spectacular appearance - is an essential feature of a thoroughbred stallion or mare.Sport horses - handsome, with long sinewy and muscular legs.Heads they are small, elongated body.These animals look sunken and dry.They must be easy to move, stamina, vigor.What is important is the nature of the horse and her commitment to work with the person.Sometimes the horse racing and gambling rock full of energy, but prevents her choleric temperament to succeed.

Indeed, not every sports horse is given at least once in his life to take the prize.Jumping is not distinguished in the competition, nevertheless able to serve the improvement of other breeds or developing new, passing to their offspring individual features, which are interested breeders.

oldest horse breed: Akhal-Teke Akhal-Teke

- this is the most ancient race horses.Breeds of horses in those days, when the horses became known, did not yet exist as such - or rather, did not have the names.But Akhalteke horses already knew about the ancient writers (such as Herodotus and Appian).These horses used to be called the Persian, Turkish, Turkmen.They are confused with the more popular Arabic.The breed was rediscovered only in the 19th century, and at the same time it got its name: in honor of Turkmen oasis, whose inhabitants keep pure the blood of these animals for centuries.

purpose of Central Asian nomads were removing combat horse: hardy, strong, able to dispense small amounts of water.The Akhal-Teke is relatively high for riding horses, narrow-chested, have a small head, elegant neck line.The tail and mane are rare, the hair is short and has a distinctive metallic luster.Viewed through the skin vessels.Legs and back their long dry physique.Step Akhal-Teke smooth, so they are comfortable to ride.But these horses differ difficult character: they recognize only one master, excitable and vindictive.To cope with them, not everyone can.

not without the participation of the Turkmen horses were bred new breeds racehorses, for example, the British and the Don.And Arabian horses are likely to carry in their veins the blood of the Akhal-Teke.

most celebrated Breed:

rock formation began on the Arabian Peninsula in the 4-7 centuries BC.e.Ancestors of horses - Central Asian (Akhal-Teke ancestors) and the North African horse nomadic Berbers.The Arabs were very jealous of the purity of blood.They have created a set of rules under which carried out a rigorous selection of manufacturers.Pedigree was accepted to lead the female line.Sell ​​mares were forbidden, their valued extremely highly.

Horses Arabian breed small, elegant, dry but with a soft back.They are well supplied curved neck and small head.Skull Arab horse bend significantly, a wide forehead and narrow muzzle.The tail is highly raised."Arabs" are distinguished athleticism, agility, refined exterior and the perfection of movements.These horses have affected the world breeding almost all breeds of racehorses, now existing in Europe and America, are of Arab ancestry.In the modern equestrian sport, however, the Arabian horse will not shine: larger rivals overtake them.But these horses began to grow in the exhibition purposes.

Throughbred - «bred to perfection»

Initially, this breed was called "British racehorse."Later, it began to be cultivated around the world, and there was a new name - "Thoroughbred breed of horses."Her grandparents - royal mares of the British royal stables and the Arab and Akhal-Teke stallion, captured or bought in the east.This breed was developed in the 18th century exclusively for sport.Only horses regularly show good results at the races, were allowed to continue the race.For animals were created all conditions;their dressuroy engaged experienced specialists.The result: an English racehorse - The fastest horse in the world.

It is larger, proportionally and "easier" of their ancestors, a medium-length neck, small head and a straight face.These horses brave, impetuous, but not as nervous as their eastern forefathers.Today it is the largest breed of sports horses.

Other breeds racehorses

With "English" were obtained as a new breed of saddle and harness horses, Horse: Hanover, Orlov-rostopchinskaya, Terek, Trakehner, Ukrainian and many others.In the photo below - Budennovskaya horse breed, bred for the army.

As a result of cross-breeding stallions with English mares local breeds are born hardy and relatively calm race horses.Horse breed, created from the genetic material of the three "pure" breeds, and partly exceeded their ancestors: one - in effect, the other - in speed, and others - in the uptake.