Origin of the name of Lake Valdai.

Lake Valdai - a living historical memory of Russia.Located in the Valdai Hills 140 km south-east of Novgorod the Great, combines expanses of the eponymous national park.Known since ancient times, the lake has kept the secret of his name, and we can only guess what the roots are the basis of strange names of Russian rivers and reservoirs.Let us try to approach the mysteries of unique hydronym.

Valdai Hills - the cradle of Russian waterways

beauty and solemnity of Russian nature fully felt in the Valdai Hills.Magnificent Russian landscapes decorated with countless rivers and lakes, unique and unique.Here they are more than three hundred.Hence, they start out: the current north to the Baltic, to the south of the Caspian and Black seas.Here are the sources of the Volga, Western Dvina and Dnepr, even hundreds of thousands of small rivers and springs, appreciating, as sources of healing mineral water.A large proportion of the Neva water is collected from the Valdai Hills.It is no coincidence Valdai called

the cradle of Russian rivers.It is the beginning of the three basins of the seas and the main source of fresh water in Russia.Included in the top ten cleanest lakes with a unique wavy relief, an abundance of large and small islands, surrounded by a unique majestic forests, Valdai lake not only has global significance, but also loved by many people who live nearby or come to relax and to be alone with Russian history.

Origin of Lake Valdai

How many lowland ponds, Valdai glacial origin.That he is obliged picturesque lake sloping sandy beaches and magnificent stretches.Dinner is located near a lake (with the accent on the last syllable) is connected to the Valdai 100-meter navigable canals, structures Iver Monastery monks.Addition of both lakes is carried out mostly by springs and keys, which makes the water cold and crystal-clear, and bottom - clean.On the mirror surface of the lake scattered islands, three of which are especially large: Ash, Birch and syrup.Valdai City lies on the west bank.

Features hydronym

When comparing surface area of ​​the Valdai Lake Seliger with his brothers or ilmenite, then surely it is losing, not gaining, and 20 km2 of occupied space.Maximum length of the reservoir is 10 km and the width - 5 km.But to measure the number of square kilometers of the lake unreasonable.The unique beauty of the mirrored surface of the pond with a scattering of islands, the enchanting beauty of the reaches, greatness like Rowan grew up on the island of the architectural ensemble of the monastery of Iver - it's all great Lake Valdai.

reservoir parameters

Despite the fact that the average depth of the lake corresponds to 12 meters, the bottom relief unpredictable surprises: in some places, indicators to measure the depth reached 52 meters and more.Lake occupies a deep depression, more than 40% of its total area has a depth of 15 meters. Ash Island, located in the center of the lake, divides it into two Reach - Valdai and Dolgoborodsky.The whole period of the calendar winter and May pond ice cap is tightened.Lake Valdai - this is just part of the unique lake-forest natural complex, to protect that in 1991 the state was formed Valdai National Park.

Lake Valdai, a photo of which is presented is almost stagnant.A large amount of water available to it at rather low in flow results in a complete replacement of the water about every 40 years.The purity of the water of these places attracts anglers.According to statistics provided by the National Park Administration, each year from Lake Valdai caught up to 40 tons of fish, which make up the bulk of roach, perch and ruff medium length.

origin of the name of Lake Valdai

Today tense debate about the meaning of "Valdai".The first settlers on the shores of the lake were Finno-Ugric tribes, and the meaning of the word "Valda" translated from their dialect as "light, water of life."The Baltic "Ringwald" means an area, parish, ownership.Slavic "Volot" translates as ruler, hero.Moldovan "balte" means "marsh" and can assume the following translation: "a swampy lake in the province."Now it is impossible to establish how, when and who came up with the name.We can say - as historians, so many opinions.Some believe that the name of the lake comes from the Valdai legendary handsome man - blacksmith Valda who once lived on the lake and gave his own name the pond, such as beautiful as he is.Others put forward the other version, but one thing remains indisputable - clean water, unique and rich flora and fauna of the reservoir sweep aside unnecessary controversy - it's really bright, life-giving lake.Not so important origin of the name of Lake Valdai, most importantly, it has existed since ancient times to the present day and gives us its purity and power.

Historical information

According to archaeologists, to settle at Valdai people began in the Stone Age.4-5 thousand years ago the territory mastered the Balts (the ancestors of the Baltic peoples) and Finnish tribes that left a reminder of his amazing names of lakes and rivers.In the 1st millennium BC.e.Valdai were Slavs who came from the western Ilmen lands and southern - the upper reaches of the Dnieper.

mentioned in chronicles

Unfortunately, no historical document does not confirm the origin of the name of Lake Valdai.First mentioned in chronicles in the Valdai selishte two courtyards that emerged on the trade route from Moscow to Novgorod, it refers to 1495.And after half a century palace became the center of the Valdai parish comprises a number of villages around Lake Valdai, numbering 94 and named in court documents Valdai village with sat.In 1654, in connection with the construction and opening of the Rowan on the island village the Valdai Iver Monastery give another name.From now on, it becomes Bogoroditsky and moves into the possession of the monastery.But time does not stand still.And the village, located on a strategically important path Russia Moscow - St. Petersburg, is growing rapidly, acquires the status of the city is included in the Novgorod province and the glorious name returns Valdai.This happens in 1770.By this time, significantly increase the population of developing unique crafts: blacksmithing, foundry and Bakery business.As the mushrooms grow numerous inns.

Iver Monastery - a magnificent monument to Russian Orthodoxy

Valdai lake - surprisingly clean, almost unspoilt area - at all times attracted people who sought solitude and sense of life.Here Patriarch Nikon, the supervision of these places in 1653 ordered the construction of a monastery in honor of the miraculous icon of the Iberian Mother of God on the island of Rowan.As conceived by the patriarch of the monastery became a major center of Orthodoxy in the ecumenical association of Russian land and meeting the world's shrines, saying of himself as a serious phenomenon in the religious and cultural life of the country.Sam's skyline Iver monastery is unusual and unique.Planning for the complex was carried out with the direct personal involvement of Nikon, and it is fully preserved until now.On this basis, the construction of an all-Russian Patriarch opened the first school of stonemasons, which led to the incredible scope of stone architecture in the second half of the 17th century.

Iver Monastery - a historical relic

The monastery worked first provincial Russian typography, unique craft is rare: Let the unique multi-colored tiles, cast bells.The unique work of icon painters, carvers, wood and bone dazzling modern specialists.In 1654 Zhalovannoj of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich literacy Valdai lake with islands, rural areas and fisheries have been transferred to the monastery.The monastery was called Svyatoozerskaya and Lake Valdai - Holy Lake.History is replete with all sorts of ups and downs of the monastery, but a great historical and architectural ensemble survived for centuries.Since 1991, the Iberian monastery transferred to the Russian Orthodox Church was renovated in 2007-2008 and consecrated by Patriarch Alexy II.Today, travel agencies organize excursions to visit the right of worship, open access to the holy relics, the miraculous icon of the Iberian and other holy relics.

Rest in Valdai

But back to the lake.Its convenient location on the route from Moscow to St. Petersburg allows you country lovers to spend the weekend on it and restored to the top of the working week.No wonder the origin of the name of Lake Valdai as favored by most historians, is at the root of the Finnish "Valda" - "clean, bright, lively."There is no better definition suitable to these places, not only the lake but also the surrounding woods with sun-warmed meadows, keeping the age-old mystery, oaks and powerful, dignified cedars.Forest Valdai bright and generous in clearing berry and mushroom places, pleasing lovers of forest walks.

national park status restricts the use of scooters and motor boats, and therefore rest on the lake is calm and pleasant.From the purposes of stay in the lake depends on location.An avid fisherman who come on vacation and seeking to catch as many fish, are increasingly choosing private houses in nearby villages, whose residents are hospitable and are accustomed to periodic visits to urban tourists.They can also arrange the rental of the boat.Fishing - a great pastime that allows you to move away from the problems and relax.

Family vacation with children is preferable to carry out, is located in a hotel or a hotel, which is not only comfortable accommodation, but also a full range of services: excursions, rent the necessary equipment.Hotels Valdai owned groomed equipped beaches that provide a wonderful vacation for tourists.Interesting sightseeing tours in the Iberian monastery, the Museum of the county town and the Museum of bells.There is also offered a choice of hotels, which are abundant around the perimeter of Lake Valdai.Photo of some attractions are presented in the article.Clean and comfortable apartment houses and hotels, along with crystal clear water and air, the beauty of the ancient forests will stay.Although the mystery of Lake Valdai names will remain secret.