How to cook delicious dough for waffles?

want to please family a delicious dessert with tea?Then get ready for their homemade waffles.Surely, you have long been gathering dust in the attic or mother's grandmother elektrovafelnitsa in which she once cooked delicious waffles for you.Now it's your time to indulge his household this original dish.But here's the problem - you do not know how to knead the dough for the waffles?Believe me, this is not a problem.There are many recipes for home waffles, which I want to share with you in this article.

Classics of the genre

When you first prepare the dough for the waffles, the recipe is better to use the most simple, classic.It will be waffles on margarine.Take 5 eggs, 200g.sugar, a packet of margarine and a glass of flour.To begin, mix the eggs with the sugar and beat them with a mixer.Then we heat the margarine in a microwave oven to a liquid state, mixed with egg and flour mixture and stir again all thoroughly with a mixer.It turns out the dough for the waffles, the consistency of sour cream.That's the whole secret!You can warm elektrovafelnitsu and start to bake this tasty treat.If you want to waffle turned golden brown, crispy and very sweet, it is possible to increase the amount of sugar in half.Just do not forget that the collapse in wafer rolls needed immediately after baking.After 30-60 seconds to do it will not succeed - they will break and crumble.

Wafers with milk and yogurt

And how to prepare the dough for the wafers in the milk or yogurt?There are also recipes, and these wafers not less tasty.When using the milk for preparation of the test proceed as follows:

  • 100 g.margarina drown in the microwave, add 1 egg, 200g.sugar, vanilla to taste, a glass and a half of milk, and mix all the mixer,

  • Then add the flour so that the stirring not formed lumps.If the dough get too thick, dilute it with milk.The average spent somewhere 500ml.milk.The consistency of the dough wafers should be like thick cream shopping.

If you want to cook the dough for waffles on yogurt, then get ready for the fact that these wafers are unlikely to be sweet and crunchy.But they are less tasty from it will not.Take 2 eggs, one teaspoon of baking powder and soda, salt on the tip of a knife, 50 g.vegetable oil, 400g.yogurt and half a cup of flour and knead it all carefully mixer.When baking, you get thick air and very soft waffles.

For lovers of sweet and children can cook waffles elektrovafelnitse in the condensed milk.To do this, stretch your pack of margarine, mix it with a can of condensed milk, add 2 eggs, one cup of starch, a little soda, which extinguish vinegar and one cup of flour.As knead all the ingredients to obtain a homogeneous non-liquid dough.It waffles for condensed milk even when stored for a long time remain crunchy.

Waffles with sour cream and yogurt

familiar to me and other recipes home wafers.For example, I advise you to prepare the dough for waffles with sour cream or yogurt.The result will exceed all your expectations!Take 5 eggs, separate the yolks and whites.Last put in the refrigerator.Rub the yolks with 5 tablespoons of sugar until white, add them 20g.butter, melted in a microwave oven, and half a cup of sour cream.Mix, add 200g.flour and stir the dough well.Then chilled whites, beat with a mixer into a thick lather and gently downwards to interfere with them in the dough ready.Wafers are obtained - Yum!To prepare waffles to yogurt, use a recipe for waffles with kefir and yogurt to replace any fruit or vanilla yogurt.The dough can add a little sugar - then the wafer to be not fresh and sweet.

In general, there is no limit imagination mistress.As a result of trial and error, you can easily come up with the dough for its wafers, which are the most delicious and loved ones in your family.