How to choose a shampoo lice

found in his hair lice one day everyone can.Unfortunately, you can not protect yourself from lice.They can get sick, even the most well-groomed and well-off people.When lice scalp affected by blood-sucking insects (lice).They can be divided into three types: wardrobes (on clothes, bedding), pubic (groin, chest, armpits), headaches.

Infected lice can be in any public place.It is enough to be close to the sick person.Lice reproduce very quickly.One particular lays eggs that hatch within seven days.They feed on blood and a few days later grow up and acquire the ability to multiply.Thus, after a week or two after infection can be detected on head lice the whole settlement.

For the treatment of head lice, there are dozens of funds.One of the most effective is the lice shampoo.It has many advantages over similar agents.Despite the fact that it has a chemical effect, the effect of it is very soft.In this regard, it can be used to treat children.It does not pollute the bed linen and clothes.Lice shampoo has no side effects.

This tool is made on the basis of water.In addition to it, it contains an active substance.This can be d-phenothrin, permethrin, ethanolamides of fatty acids, sodium lauryl sulfate and the component to soften the skin.

use shampoo against lice and nits is very easy.It is applied to dry hair as usual means.Then it is necessary to foam and extend over the entire head.Head should wrap a towel and soak time specified in the instructions.The effect may not be as strong as we would like.In this regard, it is recommended to repeat the procedure after seven days.Lice Shampoo is perfectly safe and can be used for children from five years old.At the same time, you can use the additional funds.

As examples shampoos, which are most often used to treat lice.They will advise the doctor, and they probably will help to solve this delicate problem.

Shampoo "Veda" lice is made on the basis of permethrin.In one procedure, you will need 10 to 30 milliliters.The time during which to hold the drug on the hair, is only 10 minutes.

Shampoo "BIOS" is similar in composition to the previous preparation.It should be used at least twice a week with a break.For once consumed about 20 milliliters.On hair it held approximately 15 minutes.

lice shampoo "Bubil" is composed of active substance - natural permethrin.He spent quite economical: one at a time - a maximum of three spoons, depending on hair length.To get the result requires two treatments.Exposure time - 10 minutes.

If the disease is started, it is recommended to use an emulsion.It will enhance the effect.The most appropriate means the doctor will advise you.You should not hesitate to contact him with similar problems.As mentioned above, may be infected with lice anybody, even carefully watching over him.