The state duty for registration of marriage and divorce

all the most important moments of our lives are recorded in the registry office, from the issuance of a birth certificate and ending with a death certificate.Between birth and death events occur which are also divided into the joyful and sad episodes.Happy moment - is the registration of marriage, and sad - its cancellation.

One of the main events in the life of every human being - is the creation of a new family.Someone will organize a big celebration, inviting all the family members, friends, co-workers and so on.And who is doing it modestly limited circle of people closest.But in both cases, to register in the registry office.Around this event fun and build the rest of the wedding day.

before being appointed as the official date of the marriage, you need to apply.And this is done in two or at least one month prior to the celebration.People given time, one more time for reflection.Although, as a rule, this takes a month to prepare for the wedding.

So, you have come to the registry office to apply and solemnly sign.This should present the bride and groom.You will be given a special form and a receipt on which the stamp duty to be paid for the registration of marriage.It is necessary to take a number of documents:

- passport;

- if you have ever been married, then you must have a certificate of its dissolution;

- if one of the spouses is a minor, then need special permission to enter into marriage;

- nonresident citizens need to present a document on the temporary registration (in regions where it is optional).

Where stamp duty to be paid for the registration of marriage

Let's start with the fact that payments are made by a receipt in the amount of 200 rubles.

Pay attention to this, since stamp duty for the divorce to pay for each person separately.

Take a receipt, and then go to any nearest bank.By the way, it is useful to know that the Savings Bank does not take a fee for this service.

You can make payment through terminals, but this method of payment is possible in every region.Therefore it is necessary to clarify the issue at the time of receipt of the check.

The bank can be paid in any maintenance window, except, of course, foreign exchange department.

So, the state duty paid for the registration of marriage.

Now you return to the registrar together with the documents listed above.The turn completed applications.

There is a special section for the bride and groom.Fill both sides and put a handwritten signature.

It's done.You can go to the registry office staff to have an official wedding date.

Now about the sad event, which is undoubtedly a divorce.This process is also subject to state duty.

And the payment is made for each spouse separately.

If a marriage is dissolved by mutual consent, and the family has no minor children, then divorce takes place in a registry office.The tax fee is 400 rubles per person.Otherwise, the marriage is dissolved in court.Payment is identical.

By the way, this year the Russian government proposed to substantially increase the size of the state duty for divorce.But the state duty for registration of marriage will remain the same.This is due to the fact that every year the number of divorces is rising.The money raised will be used to fund the creation of alimentary.Who knows, maybe this measure someone and protect against divorce.On the other hand, it can lead to the opposite result - people do not want to enter into formal marriages.