Declaration of fire safety.

Declaration of fire safety was introduced Federal Law №123.The existence of this document allows the owner to determine in accordance with the law requirements for the construction and design instructions.Consider further how the declaration is made out of fire safety organization.A sample of the document will also be presented in the article.


Article 2 of the aforementioned Act clarified the concept under consideration.In particular, the declaration of fire safety organization is a form of conformity assessment structures established norms.It includes a set of acts, obligatory for execution by the owner and those who exploit the building.Declaration of fire safety of the object contains information aimed at safeguarding the health and lives of individuals and property located in the enterprise.

Necessary activities under Art.64 of the Federal Law №123, owner of the facility must evaluate:

  • alleged damage if ignited.This analysis can be expressed as liability insurance.
  • fire risk buildings.

Both of these events are reflected in a special form and are integral parts of the documentation.Fire risk assessment is carried out by expert organization and recorded in accordance with the opinion.Estimated damages determined by the owner alone.It can also attach a copy of the documentation of the insurance policy.

categories of buildings

Fire declaration is made with respect to buildings listed in Art.64 of the Federal Law №123.In particular, these include the building of class F 1.1, and those for whom it is prescribed conducting state examination of project documents.Institutions, which should be a declaration of fire safety:

  • school, preschool and other educational institutions.
  • Hospitals.
  • Dormitories boarding schools.
  • specialized nursing homes.

Declaration of fire safety is made as to the production facilities for industrial and agricultural purposes.These include, in particular, include warehouses, offices energy, communications, transportation and other businesses.

Declaration of fire safety: the requirements of technical regulations

documentation should:

  1. include fire hazard analysis and calculation of probable harm to other persons due to fire.
  2. issued on the entire building completely or to some of its elements (buildings, structures, premises).
  3. component and provided the supervisory authority directly to the owner of the object or person to whom it rightfully belongs to the life of inheritance households.or operational management.
  4. card must be presented in order to notice the fire service control before entering the facilities into operation.
  5. clarifies or prepared again when changing requirements of technical regulations or the information contained in the documentation.These adjustments must be registered in the proper order.
  6. be drawn up by the developer or the person prepares project documentation, if the construction is only designed.

declaration form established by law.Change its owner has no right.Draw up a declaration in 2 copies, which must be signed by the owner of the building.Send the documentation to the territorial department of MoES.

Development Information

The fire declaration must contain information such as:

  1. Name of the company, its organizational-legal category.
  2. actual address of the organization, which will be carried out a risk assessment.
  3. Acts of derogation from the rules.
  4. information about assigning the institution and its members, for which the development of documentation.
  5. Information about state employees.
  6. information about the maximum number and types of substances present in the building and used in production.
  7. Features of the process, the specific production, fire safety operations.
  8. information about the area in which the building is located.
  9. BTI plan for all buildings for which the declaration is made, a list of technical, qualitative and quantitative characteristics.
  10. information about the climate of the region where the enterprise is located.
  11. main features of buildings of architectural, constructive and space-planning nature.
  12. specifics of the engineering equipment in the building with respect to which the development of documentation.This section describes the arrangement of water and electricity, gas, ventilation, lightning and so on.
  13. information on the availability and serviceability of APL, service contracts devices.
  14. information about the state of the primary means of fire.
  15. Information about the work on the premises of special units and teams to ensure fire safety.
  16. Data on the building near the tanks with water or natural water bodies.
  17. Local acts in PB.
  18. data passing targets and other personnel briefing on fire safety.

tasks of the authorized body

Division MOE keeps records of declarations on paper and in electronic form.Authorized persons making the necessary adjustments to the list, enter the data of the declarations within 1 business day from the date of assignment documentation registration number.Rescuers performed Verification of securities.In the absence of a declaration of non-performance is recorded by making the necessary information in the list.In the presence of defects Documentation returned to the owner to bringing the motivated reasons for non-acceptance.Not later than 3 days from the date of the declaration assigning numbers one copy is sent to the owner of the construction, the other remains in the unit MOE.

Registration number

He is assigned to each of the Declaration.The structure of the room is divided into three parts.The first consists of the digital values ​​of the village and the area code of the Russian Federation, on whose territory the facility.The second part - the serial number of the documentation.Recent figures show the code of the supervisory control of the case.

Declaration of fire safety: the validity

period during which the documentation is valid will depend on the scheme which it is made and the claimed products.The law defined the maximum term - 5 years.It may be installed using a circuit 4e.The documentation can be issued on a limited amount of products.In such situations, the expiration date is not specified - one-time paper is recognized.When using schemes declaration 1d 2d or allowed to set a period not more than a year.If you are using a form of 3D, the duration - no more than 3 years.The company's products can be in high demand, and management does not plan to release other products, except those that are already producing.In these cases, experts recommend arrange documentation for the maximum statutory period.If confidence in a stable mass production of the enterprise does not, it is better to draw up a declaration for a period of not more than a year.