Why is there a delay menstruation for 10 days and more?

natural menstrual cycle has a certain period, which is different for every woman.The optimal number of days in a cycle equals 24-28 days, but may be a period until 35 days.If there is a delay menstruation for 10 days and more - it is the excess of the norm, which can be fraught with many problems.

Every grown-up girl should be able to correctly determine their optimum cycle and to consider its duration.Perhaps not everyone knows that counting takes place on the first day of menstruation has already begun before the first day of the next.Interruptions to 4-5 days are the norm, so in this case should not be too early to panic, but the delay in the monthly 10 days - is cause for concern.

What is the cause of these changes in the body that resulted in such consequences?Experts are divided into two groups of factors: pathological and physiological (natural).However, before we look for the cause, determine whether the delay is not more than 10 days the monthly result of pregnancy.At home, this can be accomplished by using a pregnancy test, which is better to make a few.If after three samples are negative, you have to trek to the gynecologist.

Yet do not need to panic, grab his head and build mind the worst outcome of this situation, the options, the reason may be quite banal.Let's look at the most common conditions a situation where there is a delay menstruation for more than 10 days.

Girls who just hit puberty, may not particularly pay attention to such incidents of the body, eventually everything will work out.Come to think of the health center is only those who have, and after two years of optimization cycle has not occurred.

month delay of 10 days may be provoked by heredity.Sometimes it happens in our lives: the pathology is detected, the state of health is excellent, and the cycle is not settled.Ask your mom or grandmother about similar problems.It is possible that this feature is inherent in your family.

considered normal deviations, not only during adolescence but also in the postpartum period, before the onset of menopause.By the way, before the end of the menstrual period, ie at a certain age, delayed menstruation 10 days - this is not the end, such "idle" can last up to several weeks.Yet it is worth noting the possibility of such changes after an abortion or miscarriage.

reason may be psychological.Frequent stress, long flights on airplanes, a sharp change of residence in other climatic region, the change of vital drug, which is taken over a fairly long period, hormonal disruptions and even a change of working hours (night shift replaced the usual day mode and vice versa) - allit plays a very important role on the health of the whole body and a huge impact.