Top 10 dresses for prom by the Italian brand Isabel Garcia

Soon outlet - the most memorable holiday in the school or college life.On this day, every girl wants to steal the show with their beauty and feel irresistible, attractive and, in a special way, the adult.

And of course, every girl before the question arises: how to choose a prom dress?After all, it will play a major role in your way, and, above all, emphasize your professional skills, but of course, only in the case if it is picked up correctly.Color, length or finish can be any, that will be limited to your character.Italian brand Isabel Garsia offers you the TOP 10 dresses for prom.

1. This dress is perfect for the girl who wants to stand out from the crowd.And the color and cut of the dress is very original.Even Alsou appeared in a dress at a party.

2. Dress-transformer.It can be easily transformed by a flared peplum collected on a narrow belt, decorated with a small bow.These dresses are very popular.And that's not strange dress with Basques It has many positive qualities.This style is characterized femininity, making your figure finesse.Thanks flounce peplum and achieved this effect.At full girls that dress makes visually hips lower, while the slender form attached.

3. If you like the image of the girl -vamp, this dress for you.Great outfit, combining little dress-box, which is used as a lining and flashy type chiffon top, consisting of modest tight-fitting bodice and flared skirt with zapáhom and slit to the waist.This dress is difficult to remain unnoticed, and not to impress the stronger sex.It is suitable not only fit, but also plump girls, as well hides figure flaws.

4. You want to become queen of the ball?This dress can help you with this.Stylish fitting dress laconically, but catchy as Basque-decorated and flounce skirt, called "fishtail".Necklace in the form of large gray pearls and updo complement your image.

5. Do not be afraid to experiment.The front panel of this bold dress looks like a little black dress strapless, but wedges flared skirt floor-length make it absolutely luxurious.Leaf closely on the figure, tailored exactly to size.Be careful when choosing the appropriate accessories as the dress itself is very elegant.

6. Charming holiday dress for the grand exit.Tailored bodice on a figure of satin fabric goes into the type of two-layer skirt tutu.Coquette bodice with straps cut resembles the national German dress.This dress does not restrict movement and allows you to move freely in the dance.In addition, the open shoulders look very feminine and always attract the attention of others.

7. Incredibly stylish and elegant looks like a long dress with a straight cut tight-fitting bodice of this stylish strapless dress decorated with lace inserts of the same color as the main fabric.Top enters the flared skirt, narrowed from the waist to mid-thigh.This stunning outfit prefer women with toned feminine figures.

8. dress on a figure with a belt embroidered with beading and frill at the hem elegant and feminine form-fitting dress has a few bright colors eye-catching elements.The fitted cut emphasizes femininity and enhances the female silhouette, so skillfully hides the flaws and emphasizes the waist.

9. silk dress with an open back, which is rated confident girl.Soft scarlet dress of silk just fine.Defiantly open back dress that immediately attracts attention, it is worth it just appeared.

10. Dress cut "Princess" with a two-layer skirt prefer romantic and tender natury.Plotno sitting on a figure satin bodice dress this gentle moves in a long flared skirt with an abstract floral print.Complete the outfit accessories, and feel like a princess.

choosing a dress for prom, remember that your tastes and preferences will change over time, and photos and videos from the exhaust will last a lifetime, not only you, but also all of your classmates have lovedclose.Many things in life can change, but if a prom dress you miss - a second chance will be gone.