Archangel Uriel in Orthodoxy

archangel, when translated from Greek, means "chief."The Christian religion is - senior angel essence of a high order.He is able to destroy any person, sorcerer, magician, evil, and even the properties of the physical world.Angels and archangels - the closest to the people and give them the faith his defense.

Higher angelic hierarchy

The Archangel Orthodox Church officials are divided into three types.Each hierarchy - upper, middle, lower - are three ranks.High - it Archangels Orthodox Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones.The Holy Trinity are closest "shestokrylye" fiery Seraphim.They are aflame with love for the Lord and to encourage the others.After them are approximate cherubim, through which shines the light of knowledge of God, education and enlightenment.For the cherubim follow Thrones, incomprehensible and mysterious wearing of God.They serve to mete out justice of the Lord.


angelic hierarchy domination.They have dominion over all subsequent ranks, the anointed of God instructed earthly wise management.Upper secondary hierarchy teaches master his own feelings, to tame the passions and desires, to enslave the flesh of spirituality, the will to dominate and destroy the temptation.

Force.Performed by the Lord's will and ability to work wonders.The forces sent to the grace of God's miracles of insight and saints help the Orthodox to carry obedience give fortitude, courage, patience.

authorities.Tame the diabolical force, reflect on the people of temptation, protect and claim God's devotees.People get strength in the struggle with evil and wicked thoughts.

lowest hierarchy of angels

Start.Is directed to the execution of the divine will govern the universe, protect the country, tribes people.

Archangels.The gospel of most glorious and great, reveal the mysteries of faith, understanding the will of God, prophecy.In humans, they strengthen the holy faith, enlightening the mind the truth of the Gospel.It is to this category is the Archangel Uriel.

Angels.They are close to the people, believers reveal the intentions of the Lord instructed on the way to a holy and virtuous life.

Orthodox dogma

In Orthodoxy decided to check out the eight archangels.It Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Jeremiah, Vary Jehudiel and Selafiil.Each is endowed with his strength.It can be used to eliminate pain, healing, development ability and other purposes.The believer should be encouraged God's assistant, and his strength to ask for help, what help icon archangels and prayer.

Who is Uriel - the archangel of God?

The name Uriel (Uriel) oznachat "Light of God" or "Fire of God."This is one of the most powerful and influential of the archangels are also considered the presence of an angel.He is able to reflect the incredible light, associated with lightning, thunder, electricity.Archangel Uriel strikes sudden action, and often depicted with a scroll in his hand, which contains information about the path of life.

Divine Light that carries people to the archangel Uriel, gives every believer lighting.It is very important for those who are lost on their path of life.Light chief angel should be applied each time feeling of being lost, loneliness, fear, fear, terror, sadness, and even more so - suicidal.

Prayer Archangel

Praying angel that is associated with the fire of God must rise follows:

"Oh, great archangel of God Uriel! You are the glow of divine fire and educator all who pomrachёn sins. Enlighten the mind,will, my heart by the Holy Spirit. Lead me in the path of true repentance, begging the Lord our God, but will protect me, Lord from the fire blazing inferno, of all visible and invisible enemies.

Holy Archangel Uriel, illuminated by the light of the Divine and abundantly full of fire andHot burning love. Come spark your flame in my cold heart and illumine my soul with its light the dark. Amen. "

Praying help icon archangels, which can be purchased at any church bench.

Physical healing by prayer

prayer that rises to the archangel, lets heal the feet, knees, hips, circulatory organs, promotes a rush of physical activity and energy.Uriel helps a person learn how to listen to the wisdom of your body.

mental, emotional, spiritual healing by prayer

doeth great wonders of the archangel Uriel.Prayer, is addressed to it, gives strength to love, gives life firmness, courage, endurance in relation to the turmoil.A man who believes and prays, finds the will to live, he lost soul oppressive feeling of fear.

Archangel Uriel helps people find harmony with the divine, bringing her into the world.The daily life of prayer is of particular spirituality.

Old Testament tradition

Archangel Uriel has become famous thanks to the last book of the Old Testament (III Ezra).The saint was sent by God to the pious priest and scholar Ezra, who lived in the V century.BC.He came in order to give an answer about the symptoms and the time when there will be an end.

Ezra saw all the signs, but he was followed by designation.The priest was to pray and observe the seven-day post to learn more.After a night of conversations Archangel Uriel resembled Ezra that he constantly turned to the Lord, and he will again come to him.

God spoke with a priest through its Archangel Uriel: "The more you will pass the test, the more you will be surprised.Quickly hurry this century to its end, and can not be a repository of what has been promised to the righteous in the future.Century still full of infirmities and falsehood. "Appointment of Assistant


According to legend, that was preserved in the Orthodox Church, St. Archangel Uriel, the icon is shown below, was made for the protection of the Lord of Heaven, after he had been expelled from Adam and Eve.The teaching of the holy elders tells that the angel is the radiance of God's fire, and a weapon is considered to be an educator ignorant, unbelieving and potemnёnnyh.

According to the icon-painting canon accepted in Orthodoxy, the holy angel, whose name is "fire of God", is often depicted with a radiant flame in his left hand, and his sword drawn on the right.

also given an explanation of his appointment.Archangel Uriel enlightens the minds of the human revelation of truth.It is useful to the person.As the carrier of the Lord's fire, it ignites and fills the heart with love for God, destroying dirty earth attachment.

Archangels Church

Across Russia built the church, which is famous for its miracles.The most famous temple is considered to be the archangel Gabriel, as people try to get to the church of the Archangel Michael.There believers have often witnessed the goodness of the Lord.It is said that in such places namolennye angels and archangels were true Orthodox.And more than once.

wall paintings depicting the Archangel Uriel can be seen in the Cathedral of the Ascension, located in Pavlovsk, in the firmament of the Church of the Pope in Moscow, in the temple of St. Seraphim of Sarov in Anapa.

crucial for Russia Archangel Uriel and Michael are depicted on the canvas Proudhon's "Vengeance and Justice", stored at the Louvre.Uriel with a torch in the hands of knowledge takes under his wing a victim of the apocalypse - the man who runs away from retribution.Protection is directed against the unbridled wrath of the Archangel Michael.

Archangel Uriel and Russia

In our country, November 21 - is a day of remembrance of the archangels and other bodiless powers of heaven, but that Uriel is considered the main and personal archangel Russia.Back in the nineteenth century, Bishop Innocent admonished the people to remember him - the defender of the North, focusing on the fact that the protection of holy places and temples of Russia wise providence of God carries his unbeaten guard - Uriel, curator radiance of the Lord's fire.

believed that Uriel - the patron of kings and princes Rurik dynasty since the time of the house of Yaroslav the Wise.During this period in the country have been distributed Demetrios Church and Varus (analogue Slavic name Uriel).Among the names of a number of the Romanovs often met Michael, they gave priority to the Archangel Michael.

It should be noted that this archangel connected prophecy of Fire (Red) Army, but it was not the Bolsheviks.This is the army, which is depicted on the banners of the Red Cross.The prophecy says about the greatest revival of Russia.It begins with the acquisition of the revelations from the Lord.When people receive these gifts, they can not be stopped.After learning the truth, they begin to act out of fear and servility revive an incredible force.It was restored in our country a powerful spiritual movement, to which all the Orthodox Christians and the North, Uriel patronized.This is the uniqueness of God's assistant.Archangel Uriel in Orthodoxy - a patron and protector of Russia.


Veneration of saints in the Orthodox Church is as old as faith itself.Archangels history does not cease to this day, although it originates from the early times of Genesis.In the image of the angels to the people many times was God himself.Such events always aroused in the faithful a high reverence, and places such phenomena were and are sacred.Hundreds of Christians acquire a beacon of hope and true faith, referring to the Archangel Uriel in their prayers.