LAZ-699 - a legend!

LAZ - a true legend among the buses, which received a lot of modifications.This model introduces the latest products and ideas that make it not only comfortable, but in some ways unique.This bus is quite a long story.Even today, it can be seen on the roads.And oddly enough, because of the great success and popularity of the bus produced even in the 2000s.

first model appeared in 1960 - LAZ-699 "Carpathians".Experienced with elongated base 34 soft armchairs, two hatches, thermos compartment, toilet, refrigerator, radio in the headrests.Commercially produced LAZ-699 at Lviv plant since 1978.Its main feature was the fact that he has a car body type with base plate, it is considered long-distance model has three doors (the driver and two passengers).Bus large class.The main purpose - international and long-distance transportation.

699A "Karpaty-1"

originally produced all three models LAZ.The bus was almost completely identical to the previous, but with remote pneumoelectric shifting system.There were also some differences in the layout of the cabin 699A: 41 seats, two folding front seats, removed the toilet and wardrobe.This model has been created for the state and the factory test remains the same lighting and moldings.Tests revealed the questions about the reliability of certain components and bridges, so the production of this model was postponed.


following models were produced in 1967 and 1969 (699A and 699B), we were the only one of its kind variations LAZ.Buses of this model did not have a chance to go into mass production, so the options have been developed in the same class - 699N and 695N, the dimensions are the same.In this case 699N has an additional third passenger door within the wheelbase, with the result that it was necessary to increase the thickness of the rack opposite the window openings.Different models of high windscreen, a contemporary design and high strength of the body.Due to lack of storage areas, as well as three-row layout was established 31 seat, and in general the bus could accommodate 74 people.

on motor vehicles was moving from the Zil 375, equipped with spring-pneumatic suspension and automatic transmission.For two years (1972 and 1974) on the model installed power hybrid units, 512A DC traction generator, gasoline engine ZMZ 53, the traction battery pack and electric motor to 75kW DC 308A.LAZ-699 was equipped with an auxiliary output, which further became mandatory, there were air intakes, vents.The 699N has a new ventilation, but there was no air vents.Bus production was limited to the 1976 to 1978-th.


Tourist larger model with the letter "P" in the title presented in 1978. However, it began to produce in large quantities only in the 83 th, when reduced output 697R and were able to completely switch to bus LAZ-699.There have been many changes and upgrades to the end of its production (2002).The main feature of this model was originally false radiators, until 1981 mounted rectangular (Moskvitch) lights and small posters with the letter "L" in the square.At the end of 81 th headlights found a circular shape, and has become the emblem of a circle with a capital "L".It is worth noting that in the early 80s and has produced in a very limited number of luxury models LAZ-699.Photos of these species can be easily found, it would wish, but to meet them on the road is almost impossible.They were used only for civil services, so have some additions.At the end of the same 80 completely abandoned the aluminum grille.Since 1993, removed the driver's door, some models have axles with disc wheels.


From 1974 to 1975 the first two units were issued LAZ-699 with the letter "I", which received the official name of "Ukraine-34".The people they are known as "space".They were developed for the delivery of astronauts apron.The basic arrangement of the doors, rear raised roof for the air conditioner.Interior tight and divided into independent parts:

• 8 seats, refrigerator, telephone, wardrobe, remote control air conditioning, desks with a tape recorder, operating folding chairs, microphones, handsfree, headset connection;

• 1 center for the seat, a vacuum cleaner and a wardrobe for summer suit;

• 8 seats, wardrobe and linen, a table with a microphone and a telephone;

• the driver's cab.

Heating stoves carried liquid, which were connected to the engine cooling system, powered by a standard 12-volt electrical outlet.During operation of electrical appliances used 380/220 V.


Two models LAZ-699 1974-75-ies were made for Baikonur.They also brought the astronauts to the site.Body bus was white with green and orange horizontal stripes, the second door was in the database and sent to a sealed compartment with the vacuum cleaner and brushes.Next door were the individual or 9-seat compartment for accompanying (installed toilet, closet, refrigerator and bar), or in the compartment for 6 seats for astronauts.The front door is allowed to get into the fenced glass cockpit with an additional seat for an accompanying person.In the middle was another door.Buses are equipped with video and radio casette, intercoms, radios, lamps for video and photography, VHF radio, ventilation costumes, TV, autonomous air conditioning, water heater and engine cooling system.Body completely sealed: athermal double glazing and a heat shield roof.On board were two independent power supply (24 and 12V), generators (800 and 1200 watts) and battery (60 and 150 hours).


Finally it is worth noting that there were many other experimental models that have gone into production.For example, in 1969 in a single copy was created 699B as LAZ-699RUR "Tourist-2."There was also an experienced model 699N diesel engine YaMZ 740. In general, there were a lot of options, but very few were able to get on the conveyor due to certain problems, or because of their specialization.On the road we went hiking reliable models, which allows you to comfortably overcome a very long distance, with excellent ventilation system, heating and sophisticated suspension design.