Professions associated with computers: the list

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Consider the professions related with the computer.List them quite extensive.However, listing everything just useless.Instead, we describe the most popular and promising.After all, the only way you can choose yourself what is really interesting, but still brings a good income and other careers.Here are the main professions associated with computers.

system administrator

Let's start with the most common options.The first profession in our list - it is the system administrator.Who is it?What does?Let's try to find out.

system administrator - the so-called master-rounder for computers.He stands at the head of our list.In fact, many professions related to computers, as a rule, include system administration duties.What comes here?

system administrator must ensure the integrity and security of operating systems, install software and other useful software, to protect your computer from viruses, put the driver, connect the equipment ... In general, all that relates to repair and computer settings - the duty of the system administrator.Earnings are generally dependent on the skills of a person.In some regions, such masters receive 50,000 rubles.However, it is very rare.The average salary of system administrator - 25-30 thousand.What are some other professions related to computers?


second on our list of the master - the programmer.Recently, quite a promising profession that brings a not so little income.Programmers - the people who make and write programs for the computer.

course, is writing a special code and software development is the primary responsibility of these people.In contrast to the system administrator, a programmer must have great skills.However, in practice, usually have first and second overall "package of knowledge".That is, the programmer can operate the system administrator and system administrator - the programmer.

Occupation is of particular tension and energy consumption.You'll need to repeatedly smash his head on the writing of the code, and then suffer checking for errors in it.If you - the person stubborn and diligent, and bold (not afraid of difficulties), you can try their luck.The programmer usually receives more System Administrator, about 35-40 thousand. Rubles.Let's think about what else there are professions associated with computers.


third place in this list are designers.Perhaps, with this profession familiar to many for a long time.Once the designers have worked without computers.All the designs and sketches made on ordinary sheets of paper, pens and pencils.But as soon as there professions related to computer designers quickly found a use for this machine.

work of these specialists is no different from the old, "pre-computer" era.Man still has to do sketches, model, draw and present their projects.Only the work is now easier, because for all this, there are the programs that are in one account to help cope with any task.The main thing - to know the device or that application.

Professions associated with the computer, do not end there.But the conversation with the designers have not quite finished.After all, they stood out with the advent of computers, many branches of the profession.So, now there are 3D-designers (modeled three-dimensional figures), web designers (developing pages, or more precisely, their appearance), interior designers and so on.All these professions is quite creative and profitable.A good designer can earn about 40,000 rubles a month.


What other profession related to the computer?The most popular options we have already considered.But there are a few.

Of course, if you plan to work at a computer, you can go on writing.Writer - this is one profession that with the advent of computers has become easier.After writing for this machine it was easy and convenient.Then you will not have to verify the spelling and punctuation, you can quickly erase what did not like the proposal to rewrite and edit written for a few seconds.

If you're really good, you will have no problems.But many are doing it is usually in their spare time, because it does not bring very rapid income.We'll have to wait a while until you learn about.

rewriter / copywriter

What professions are connected to the computer?Of course, right now in this category can be attributed almost any position.Only indirectly.Now we know you two new professions that have emerged recently.Especially popular are found with the spread of Internet among ordinary users.

This is the so-called copywriting and rewriting.The first term refers to the drafting of the original personal papers, usually based on their own practice and knowledge.The second - writing as the original texts, which are based on a rewrite of an article that is something like the original copy already written.

for writing data occupation have little or no relationship.Is that the writers and copywriters to write rewriter computer.First create works of art, fiction, writing books.A second and third - article.Typically, they are used to pay the placement on the World Wide Web.Earnings rewriter copywriter and depends on its professionalism, as well as the portfolio.Particularly successful, users can earn sitting at home and working 3-4 hours a day, about 50,000 rubles.But for this you first have to make considerable efforts.

Now let's see the name of a profession connected with the computer, but not related to previous versions.


Next we will look at you with such a position as a secretary.She, like the designer, known to everyone, and for a very long time.Only with the advent of computers, to some extent, it has become easier.

The thing is that secretaries now work mainly at the computer.Printing of documents, reporting and summary sheets, filling in details of documents, sending mail, write new customers - all this is very fast and easy thanks to the computer.In Russia, this profession is not considered to be forward-looking and generating huge profits.Nevertheless, worked as a secretary - it means to have a permanent job.Wages tend to range from 15,000 rubles.


continue to explore trade-related work on the computer.Next on our list is, of course, an accountant.This is a popular profession that with the advent of computers has not only developed but also became much easier.

Accountant fills statements leads the reports of various inquiries and submit to tax all the necessary papers for the functioning of the company.We can say that this is a profession, associated mostly with paperwork.Only now facilitated by the presence of all the documents on your computer.A good accountant receives 20,000 rubles.


We have reviewed almost all the popular and common professions related with the computer.Now comes, perhaps, to that which the majority of the population is engaged at the amateur level.Of course, we are talking about the profession of photographer.

The thing is that the processing and printing of images is now a credit to computers.Therefore photograph - the most popular and versatile hobby that they can deal with people.It requires only a professional camera and photography skills.No diplomas and certificates.Of course, their presence will give a huge plus, but that's not really the lack of it will affect your reputation.

What makes a photographer?Shoots, edit photos, and print them.Creative thinking is welcome here.You want to try?Do not be afraid, everything always happens.A good photographer is able to get a decent amount per month.Wedding photographers, for example, the day of filming earn 20,000 rubles.Professional and well-known - from 50000.