Garden accessories

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Garden accessories create a unique atmosphere and decorate the garden.Being hidden among the plants, the parts of landscape design will add an element of surprise and sophistication, and placed at the beginning of the track garden gnomes or animal figures serve as an invitation to take a stroll.

Jewellery binding only in the Japanese garden, in all other cases, they may not be.Nevertheless, tasteful accessories could significantly decorate many gardens.Consider the most rasprostanenie kinds of garden decorations.

Garden sculptures
Such details perfectly complement the landscape design suburban area.Usually, garden figurines come to life in the form of magical characters (especially popular Gnome) or in the form of various animals.The material for garden figures, usually applied Polistoun (fake rock).

mounted on a pedestal, or mounted on the wall clock has long been a characteristic accessory of an English garden.400 years ago they met in England, much more than our usual street clock, and it was time for him learned.Today sundials are more decoration.Disc sundials are usually made of bronze or copper, and is sold with or without a pedestal.The pedestal is easy to make yourself out of brick or stone blocks should only be kept in mind that the top plate must be positioned horizontally.

Fashion decorate homes, wide stone balustrade or metal vases originated in the XVI century.In form they resembled ancient Greek and Roman funeral urns and some kind of found them depressing.For example, the writer S. Johnson once said, "Sir, I hate the garden vases, they call me the horror."In the time of Queen Victoria's garden vases are used as containers for plants.As such, they are used to this day, and now it is possible to buy inexpensive vases, ceramic or stone pressed.

Garden decoration in Japanese style

If you decide to design your garden in the Japanese style, the unadorned you can not do.First of all, it lights - the squat, broad cap-shaped house for admiring the snow (Yukimi-gata), fancy lights on a stand (tachi-gata) and secret lanterns (ikekomi-gata).Water tank (tsukubai) and small pagoda carved stone steps and give the garden oriental flavor.Fence made of bamboo, several large boulders, water and typically "Japanese" plants such as azaleas and ornamental cherry, this will create the illusion of a Japanese garden.


In recent years it has become fashionable to arrange a beating from the depths of a garden pond fountain with night illumination.However, the traditional fountains in the form of stone figures have not lost popularity.Garden with a small country house suitable fountain made of artificial stone.The style must comply with the pond fountain and serve as a decorative touch, but do not clutter it.Minivodoemy of artificial stone can be painted in any color - silver, jade color, dark red, and so on. N. These fountains can be made in a variety of figures - from the cherub to abstract sculpture.

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