As the salt dried fish: the little tricks and tips

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In today's world it is difficult to find our compatriot, who would not love to have a drink in my spare time mug of beer, eating salted dried fish.This fish has become some kind of national property.In fact, as the salt dried fish, we will understand in this article.Simple and affordable manipulations will help to get excellent results.

As salt dried fish?

Believe me, you do not have to be a chef to prepare a delicious fish.And no need to shift the matter to his wife (daughter, mother, grandmother).Caught?So please, bring it to the end!Well then most pleasant will otvedyvat fruits of their labor.And we are their tips will help you make the fish get in the end is simply gorgeous! Most people prefer dried fish in dried form.She and tasty fried and boiled.Still, most of it goes to the amount of the ambassador.Dried fish can be stored for a decent amount of time.And the taste of it, know very well what a wonderful.

As salt dried fish at home?It's simple!Ways to weight.We define the main points.And there is every fisherman has to decide herself closer to him.

preparatory stage

Wash fish.If a very large roach (which today is rare), it is better to eviscerate.Caviar shove back.Basically small salted dried fish.So simply rinse it thoroughly.Prepare a container for salting.In no case do not use metal pans.Take enamel bucket or some deep plastic container.Find a cover which is smaller in diameter than the pan.Prepare the goods you and then put on the lid.As the load may approach anything.Take a couple of bricks.Or pour water in the three-liter jar and put it on the cover.Please note that the object was not dissolved in the brine.And that fish can spoil.

How vobla salt to taste pleased?

very important component - salt.It would seem, what's the difference, what salt?I bought the first available in the store, and all ....No.No need to use iodized.Not suitable salt and finely ground, which resembles powdered sugar.Buy usual coarse salt.Her you will surely find in any supermarket.

selection of fish

As salt dried fish at home in the spring, summer and fall?The process is the same.It is desirable that it was fresh, just caught.If it is frozen roach, do not worry.The main thing is to have time to thaw.Very well, if you salt to the fish of the same size.So it is both good prosolitsya, and then on the rope in the process of drying will look great!

salting process

Thoroughly wash the container, wipe the pan or bucket with a dry cloth.Fall asleep to the bottom of the salt.Do not regret it, the bottom should escape.Put the number of fish.If roach different sizes, then put on the bottom of the largest specimens.It is desirable to maximize the fish tightly pressed against each other.Remember the expression: "How herring in a barrel?".That, and you should be as well.

Each row falls out of fish and salt.On top of the lid is placed.On the cover - load.Put in a cool place necessarily pan fish.Wherever not reach flies and other insects.

Someone salts fish two days, some four.If the fish are small size, 2-3 days - enough.Be sure to wash the dried fish is necessary from unnecessary salt and slime.Some fishermen argue that if roach solilas day, then you need to wash it for one hour.If two days - two hours.And so on.But I think half an hour - hour hold it in some water cold enough.

not post vobla the sun.Cool, well-ventilated room is perfect.Best fish strung through the eyes or through the tail.But through the tail did not recommend: a lot of unnecessary stays in the head roach.When the fish hang out, stringing it through the eyes, the remaining liquid simply flows from the tail.If you hung the fish on the balcony or in the basement, cover it with gauze.So, even if sit on dried fish flies, no maggots close and will not be.If big roach, which, as we have already noted, is found in the modern world is very rare, between the ribs, insert a match (if the fish is gutted).In principle, a few days, and I am ready roach."How salted dried fish?" - This question is probably no answer.But here, see for yourself who loves what fish.Some prefer dry, as in the famous cartoon about the wolf and the hare.Someone eating a little jerky.Some people hang out and do vobla symbolically: in the afternoon, and then eat it as a herring.So it all depends on your desires.But that fish should get you very tasty, no doubt about it.

Necessary ingredients for salting

Whatever it was, the only prescription is salted dried fish, no.Someone adds sugar to the salt and pepper.Some fishermen believe that solitsya roach needs at least a week.They say that only then all the parasites that get into fish becomes harmless.We offered you the standard classic recipe, which just do not make a mistake.To summarize:

  • fish;
  • salt;
  • pan or bucket (not metal);
  • cargo;
  • cool room.

Difficult?Perhaps cope with the work of even a small child.So it's time to get down to business!And you do not need someone to help.How salted dried fish, you can define yourself.All of you must succeed.Try to cook the fish as soon as it was caught.Fresh product with any frozen beats.Stick to standard techniques, and all you have certainly goes well.Bon Appetit!