How to build at home.

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Many of the men are not happy with their body shape and physical condition, often there is a desire to build muscle.The easiest way to do it - to go to the fitness center and turn to the coach that will help you achieve the desired results.However, it requires a certain time and material resources.Therefore, many are wondering - How to build at home, or even how to build homes for the month.We will not give unfounded hope and answer that pumped up for a month - it is almost not possible, although improvements are noticeable.

So, you will have a desire, how to build at home.Just say that a desire is not enough.Most of the attempts undertaken to terminate after several days of training, as there's some urgent business, and so distracting.Prepare to be that you would have to work real hard on yourself to get at least some effect.If you overcome laziness and other non-objective reasons and start doing the exercises, the result is bound to be, and the question - How to build the house will no longer have to worry.The maximum workout time will be 1.5 hours.More or less is needed.

How to build at home.The main set of exercises.

main principle of training - the principle of weight gain.The more you train, the more you should increase the weight it has been piloted.This may amiss backpack with varying severity.The exercises will be carried out on the floor and on the bar.

Before training spend five-minute warm-up.The muscles must be warmed up before exercise.After completing a simple set of techniques grab bar horizontal bar on the palms, hands at the same shoulder width apart and start ups uniform without jerks.Breathe nose, breathe out on the rise, while lowering - breath.The main thing here - a uniform exercise.Think in advance about how you will be able to distribute the forces on all approaches.Having an odd number of pull-ups, change the position of the hands and grab the bar top.Just repeat the odd number of pull-ups in regular intervals and at the same speed.Exercise should be matched with the correct breathing.

following exercise - push-ups.Take that same backpack and do push-ups odd number of times.Respiratory system is the same as in the exercise on the crossbar.You can start with five push-ups for the approach, between which a rest lying on his stomach.Hands thus put under his head.

for pumping back muscles, get a firm footing and lay down on his stomach.On the back you can put the backpack.Then, do not quickly deflections, lifting your upper body so that you are able to grab the hands of toes, knees bent.

To pump up your abs at home, you need to lie on the floor, bend your knees at a right angle and make uniform the body rises, then recede.The next rise dismiss Corps left, then right, then right again, and so on.Do not be zealous, otherwise the next day can be greatly regret it, and we do not need.

following exercise - squats.To improve their performance, take a - a load and start doing exercise, holding it at arm's length in front of him.Legs at the same shoulder width apart.Squat slowly and deliberately.13 - 15 sit-ups in one go - that is enough.

After compound exercises performed well Preform, can lie, but in any case not sleep.You can take a leisurely walk or a bit to eat.What you need to eat more foods containing protein, everybody knows.To increase the muscle mass is very useful porridge.They will also help restore power.Just do not forget that muscles need to recover after a workout.

Daily hardworking performance of the set of simple exercises will bear fruit in resolving a difficult problem - how to build at home.