Overseas comedy 80-90 years: the list of the best

Comedy Films - a subgenre of cinema, which are the subject of the phenomenon of aesthetic comic subspecies.His hallmark has exaggerated image of various vital inconsistencies awakens laughter of the audience.

Movies-comedy - it is filmstrip with a predominant a humorous either satirical component of, that do not just are entertained by, as well charge the an impressive portion of positive, elevate mood."Black" humor is also quite actively used in a designated genre paintings, attract a certain category that is able to evaluate it on its merits.There are paintings «at all times», who are reconsidering not once, over which are laughing throughout the world.But sometimes a picture, released in rent, is highly valued at their country, but not understood by foreign audiences.Humor inhabitants of different countries has its own national characteristics.So there were conditional tags, separating humor on "English", "American" and so on. D.

Comedy in Hollywood

Hollywood still holds the main installer brand new trends in world cinema.During the 80-90s Hollywood filmmakers have finally destroyed the focus of the classic comic paintings in the undeniable benefits of radical skepticism and liberal view with respect to the established traditional American virtues.These changes were accompanied by changes in the status of comedies.Overseas comedy 80-90 years began to turn to less "ideological" members of American society.

New kinokombinatsii Hollywood

Classic American comedy industry created exclusively for the evening entertainment.Classic movies were converted first to exaggerate the problems of American society, perhaps this is why some foreign comedy 80-90's incomprehensible domestic audiences.In the "golden age" of Hollywood creators, owners of large studios forged the American dream, brought film projects through the entire nation.But since the 1980s, the "new" Hollywood has become the dominant trend in the world market kinozrelisch, causing the formation of multkorporatsy.In the era of modern Hollywood comedy produced abroad 80-90 years, which is incredibly difficult to comprehend as a "textual" and cultural sites.These pictures with their sensitivity to European influence can be interpreted as an approximation of the American cinema to postmodernism.

Bet on directorial style

Unlike modernism, which exalts the high, unique style, the artistic ideal of the avant-garde art, it clearly rejects postmodernism.Despite the fact that the "new" Hollywood 80-90s had a unique setting on the action, some directors have managed to preserve their unique directorial style.Especially successfully demonstrate his fantastic comedy 80-90 years.Foreign writers in this sub-genre, and still in the lead:

  • «Ghostbusters".
  • «Back to the Future."
  • «Death Becomes Her."
  • «Junior».
  • «Nutty Professor."
  • «Flubber."
  • «My Favorite Martian."
  • «A Knight in Camelot."
  • «Men in Black."


individual director-producers (like Brian De Palma or Steven Spielberg) has adhered to the classic 'storytelling' and style, but they were the exception to the rule.Overseas comedy 80-90 years represent the pastiche of clean water.They are instead present only modernist-style post-modern touch.Pastiche - a clear imitation of the unique, t. E. The use of linguistic masks, but, unlike parody, it cancels satirical stimulus is irony.Pastiche realized himself through a nostalgic filmstrip, for example, Christmas overseas comedy of 80-90 years:

  • «Trading Places».
  • «Christmas Vacation."
  • «Santa Claus," "Miracle on 34th Street."
  • «Home Alone».
  • «Home Alone 2".
  • «Gift for Christmas."
  • «Borrowed Hearts."
  • «I'll be home for Christmas."

stylistic innovations

Postmodernism destroying classic setting to the story in favor of the citation, but the directors have not abandoned the strong story, complementing its stylistic innovations of European cinema.That such were some comedy 80-90 years.Foreign critics cited as an example the painting featuring the inimitable Jim Carrey:

  • «The Cable Guy."
  • «Liar Liar."
  • «Ace Ventura 1 & 2" (1993, 1995).
  • «Dumb and Dumber."
  • «Mask."

countercultural utopia

representatives of the "new" Hollywood created a largely romantic "countercultural" utopia.But it was short-lived, since the end of the 90s Hollywood came to the beginning of the era of globalization, which left no room Romanticism filmmakers single.Therefore, listing the old foreign comedy 80-90 years, probably remember the epic Philistine called "Police Academy" (all 7 parts, 1984-1994.), Than "Batteries not included" (1984).

The European film industry

The oldest in the world of cinematograph is the European.Within Europe, it is certainly inferior to American popular, but critics give their preference is still to him.European Film School academic think, like most films, but can not do business without grossing films.Often, European cinema is sponsoring state, in contrast to the US.

French films 80-90 years

foreign comedy, filmed by French director, artistic value does not concede to the US.The only difference is entertainment.80-90s in the French cinema marked the peak of the popularity of the theater troupe Le Splendid, which was a resounding success in the world's movie screens."Backbone" of this group was a legend of the French film industry: Michel Blanc, Christian Clavier, Marie-Anne Chazel, Thierry Lhermitte, Gérard Jugnot and Josiane Balasko.They won more than 20 comedic films, half of which was accounted for this time period.During this period of time is activated duo Patrice Leconte and Francis Weber, who created the unique Gerard Depardieu and Pierre Richard unsurpassed.Without are tired they are doing Gérard Oury and Claude Zidi.But a successful, happy and fruitful period is the first half of the 80s.Then were released in rent the best French comedy 80-90-ies.Foreign (listed above), especially the US, could not compete with them in the charm and uniqueness:

  • 1981 - the "impeccable reputation", "Cool Girl".
  • 1982 - "Santa Claus-raisers," "The Dukes are on vacation."
  • 1983 - "African", "Return of the crazy new recruits," "Papa."
  • 1984 - "Adventurers", "twins".
  • 1985 - the "wedding of the century."
  • 1986 - "The Runaways."

Comedy Films

Germany German cinema in the nineties gradually began to "go out of syncope", where he remained from the beginning of the seventies.For a long time after the Second World War Germany could not (though tried) to clean the term "national" from the residue of National Socialism.The government dragged himself through grueling period of denial, debate and consensus.It is blurted out out of this mincers with an eerie a sense of of guilt and of dislike.Resurrected "the Berlin School of Cinema", which in this period of time has become a monument to the sleepy post-industrial Europe.Just the fingers can be counted by German comedy 80-90 years.Overseas listed in this publication prefers not only the international community but also the German audience:

  • «Sun Alley" (1999).
  • «Oh, this Bob" (1999).
  • «darling of fortune" (1988).
  • «Cleaner" (TV series, 1980-2008.).

The Swedish comedy 80-90-ies

In 80-90-ies of in Sweden, as the and throughout the world, lasted downturn of attendance spectators of cinemas.But the comedy genre has remained quite popular and in demand.During this period in rolling out such films as "My Life as a Dog" (1985), "The Adventures of Picasso" (1980), "Leif" (1987) and "charter flight" (1980).At this time in Sweden there are female director: Marie-Louise Ekman, Marianne and Arne Susanne Osten.Thanks to their efforts in the sub-genre adds a hefty dose of romanticism and sensuality.In the rest of the Swedish film industry for this period is characterized by artistic instability, several major film companies are going bankrupt.First videobum after distribution of cable and satellite television seriously undermined the film industry in Sweden.At the same time it is becoming ever closer cooperation between the television and film companies.

period of decline of Italian cinema

At the same time Italy also began an inexorable decline in popularity of the cinema, which lasted until the beginning of this century.Legend movie, Fellini, creates last masterpiece, "The Voice of the Moon" (1990), master switches Bertolucci solely on international projects, well-known outside the country, the brothers Taviani continue to create in the historical and ideological direction, is the world Ettore Scola film "Family" (1986).The only one who continues to work on comedy - Pupi Avati, his work "Christmas Gift" (1986) and "School Walk" (1983) belong to the category "Comedy Youth 80-90 years."Foreign filmmakers immediately adopt his experience, and in the film stands out subgenre.By the end of 90-ies the Italian comedy acquire the features «the cabaret», inherent in a successful the teleproject, in the majority of his they were filmed «comic troika» - unsurpassed Aldo, Giovanni & amp; Giacomo: «Such is life» (1998), «Three men and the leg"(1997) and others.

free English movie

new wave of British cinema, called independent or free, was provoked by a group of" angry. "In the 80-e years they have put forward his theory of of art.His works ardent supporters of the new wave invites the viewer to look at life from the perspective of the British critical realism, interested in the present, not the past.In the game film and in the few comedies in this time more tightly sounded a protest against reality: "Features of bachelor parties" (1994), "fad" (1986).