Titanium Valley.

In April 2012, the management company under the name "Titanium Valley" received permission from the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of the Sverdlovsk region at the start of works on creation of special economic zone of industrial-production type.Earlier, the site of a special economic zone was brought all the construction equipment in preparation for the grand building.At the same time of the SEZ "Titanium Valley" was included in the Federal Register of programs whose purpose is the development of the Urals Federal District until 2020.The special status of the project provides the patronage of adverse changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation during the period of the SEZ.

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Titanium Valley got its name by association with the nearby titanium production, we are the largest in the world.Among the priority areas considered of special economic zones are the following:

- Production of high-quality products made of titanium.

- Production equipment and components for

mechanical engineering and metallurgical industries.

- Release of materials.

Titanium Valley - a special economic zone, a total area of ​​584.4 hectares.Of these, 295.4 hectares are located in the 1st stage of development and 289 hectares - in the 2nd.

first project was a registered resident of "VSMPO-New Technology", the second - the company "Sinersis."In July 2012, members of the Expert Council under the Ministry of Economy and Development of the Russian Federation approved the design and development of two potential residents.It is a limited liability company "Stroydizel-composite" and "Ural optic plant."They have shown complete readiness for the construction of new production facilities in "Titanium Valley".For the examination of experts presented several business plans.

Special opinion

As the General Director of JSC "SEZ" Titanium Valley "Artemy Kyzlasov, the emergence in the region of Upper Salda special economic zone provides additional disclosure of reserve capacity of the economic branch of the Ural region and allows full use of one of the tools of modernization of the industrial sector.That is why the priority sectors are not only the engineering and production of titanium products, but also the development of the means of production, as well as production of construction materials.To place your plants on the basis of Titanium Valley have the opportunity to exclusively modern enterprise.In these circumstances, it calculated that the Verkhnyaya Salda become a city of science, education, technical intelligentsia and engineers.

main tasks

Job ambitious project aims at the following:

- strengthening the position of Russia on the world market for titanium production for the needs of the aerospace industry;

- optimization of processing of titanium products to the extent of the domestic industry;

- ensuring relevant enterprises a wide range of finished titanium products;

- industrial development of the region and provision of conditions for attracting large-scale investments;

- the creation of broad-based regional clusters SEZ (long term).

Projections for the future

How will the Sverdlovsk region?Industry and other areas of the region, provided the following main objectives of SEZ creation are transformed as follows:

- to increase the degree of processing machine-building and metallurgical production area;

- on the basis of high-tech industries will be new jobs, respectively, to reduce tensions on the local labor market;

- socio-economic problems, please contact the single-industry Nizhny Tagil and Verkhnyaya Salda, weaken;

- activation of agglomeration processes occur in the cities of the Sverdlovsk region that have favorable effect on the demographic situation and migration in many towns in the region;

- thanks to the emergence of new high-tech industries diversified sectoral structure of the Sverdlovsk region;

- increase the investment attractiveness of the region;

- increase the standard of living and income of the population of the Sverdlovsk Region;

- increase the amount of tax payments to the budget;

- to strengthen the status of domestic products in the world market, will increase the degree of involvement of Russian industry in the international production chains.


SEZ Titanium Valley - a large-scale project, which is among the main advantages are the following:

- preferences in the tax and customs spheres;

- favorable tariffs for the purchase and lease of land;

- as a result of "single window" worthy residents get all the building permits for three months;

- software industries with highly qualified staff due to the fact that in the Urals, there are many dynasties technicians and engineers;

- Titanium Valley employees are engaged in individual selection and training of personnel for every investor.

With regard to additional benefits, it is the effective application of innovative and energy-saving technologies in the organization considered SEZ in Russia;prospects for the expansion of markets in the country in need of titanium products;construction of plants for the project types and rental management.

On the territory of Titanium Valley will be organized round the clock call center and provide all conditions for successful operation of the Single Window.

Economic-geographical advantages

- Described SEZ is located on the territory of one of the most economically developed regions of Russia plan.The regional center is Yekaterinburg.This city has left close to St. Petersburg and Moscow in terms of the development of small and medium business, science and education, in terms of population.

- Titanium Valley is located in the center of the largest regional market demand for industrial products.

- Proximity highly titanium complex.

- Finding the SEZ in the center of a large-scale consumer market, covering not only the Sverdlovsk, but also neighboring areas with a total population of more than fifteen million people.

- Unhindered access to major road and rail arteries of the country, logistics nodes and large aviahabu.

Features staffing

Through advanced educational structure closest to the Titanium Valley cities, the lack of specialists important trends are observed.In addition, on the basis of consideration of the SEZ is made the target training.

experts who came to work in the Titanium Valley from abroad, provided not only housing, but also the necessary infrastructure that allows them to carry family members in Russia for the period of the contract.The project envisages the construction of a comfortable hotel and the village of eight thousand inhabitants.In addition, close to the SEZ are restaurants and cafes, cinemas, equestrian sports complexes, Reserve "Deer streams" and museum complex "Demidov park."

Other special economic zones of the Russian Federation

Currently, Russia is a huge and growing market perspective.That's why it became so urgent creation of SEZ - a large-scale project aimed primarily at development of Russian regions by attracting foreign and domestic investment in the hi-tech economic sector, tourism and shipbuilding, as well as import-substituting production.

Special economic zones are organized into forty-nine years.Each of them is endowed with a special legal status, providing investors with some customs and tax privileges and easy access to transportation facilities, business and engineering infrastructure.With regard to the costs of investors in the implementation of projects in special economic zones, they are 30% lower than in the whole country.

now successfully operate on the territory of the Russian Federation following the SEZ:

- Industrial ("Lyudinovo" "Alabuga", the aforementioned Titanium Valley "Togliatti", "Moglino" "Lipetsk").

- Process ("Tomsk", "Dubna", "Saint-Petersburg", "Innopolis", "Zelenograd").

- Tourist ("Turquoise Katun", "Altai Valley", "Baikal harbor", "Gate of Baikal").

- Transportation ("Sovetskaya Gavan", "Ulyanovsk").

it all began

SEZ began to develop in Russia in 2005 with the adoption of the relevant law at the federal level.In order to implement this bill was created by JSC "Special Economic Zones".All its shares are in the possession of the state.

necessary papers

To become a special economic zone resident wishing required to provide a business plan, a package of documents in the JSC "SEZ" and, of course, the application for residency.Next, you need to protect your own investment project for observation, and then to the Council of Experts.With favorable developments is a tripartite agreement with JSC "SEZ" and the Ministry of Economic Development.The document regulates the process of doing business in the territory of the special economic zone selected.


It will continue to develop the Russian economy?The forecast made by many experts, and in most cases it is favorable.The successful development of the country's industry contributes significantly to the activity of special economic zones.They differ in different directions, all working for the good of the country and strengthen its global position.