Bus driver: Realities profession in our country

Few of today's youth dream of a profession driver.Normally, drivers are either those who can not imagine my life without motor vehicles, or those who have to drive pretty well, but the other is the scope of his talent could not be found.But the bus driver - a person of the transport company that transports.In addition of excellent driving skills, the ability to respond quickly in an emergency, it must look neat, be polite and courteous.After all, the drivers of the bus requires constant communication with people.

But do not forget that first and foremost in the hiring of people for such a position of responsibility should be valued skills.After the driver is responsible for the safety of passengers, who are in his cabin.In case of emergency only quick response can save tens, and sometimes hundreds of people.Even excellent professionalism does not allow to behave rudely with passengers.In such drivers are constantly receiving complaints that may eventually even lead to the dismissal of a professional.

In addition, the bus driver should remember the route, the location of stops, to be able to allocate the time to come to a stop (or bus station) according to the schedule.In our country, the driver often has to be more and conductor, mechanic and janitor of his bus.Also, the bus driver should know the technical unit of the machine, in the event of failure on the road to make minor repairs on their own and drop off passengers at least to the nearest village.

Many believe that this profession is no career.This is not true: one firm-Carrier can serve both urban and regional routes.Well proven, after a while the driver can change seats from the city bus for long-distance flight.Agree, it is much easier to keep the bus on the highway than to move in tight traffic of a large city, trying to squeeze to stop for boarding-disembarking.Not bad as to get into a company engaged in tourist trips: a bus driver should only deliver passengers to the place, which indicates a guide accompanying the tourists.

peak of career development for the domestic driver is an international transport: big buses, amazing interiors, serious and passengers the opportunity to visit other countries.Of course, for many people, such work can only dream of, but for the elite professionals - a permanent job.The bus driver on international flights should not only focus on the road, know the traffic rules in the countries for which the route passes, be polite and courteous to passengers, smile, and know foreign languages.

But do not forget that the main drawback of this work - a long working day.Although the labor laws and the need to change the driver is provided by a certain number of hours (or kilometers), in practice this is not always done.If longer routes drivers often have a partner, then the city, they can work more than 12 hours every day.