How to clean the drive with unnecessary files.

In this article I would like to tell you how to clean the disk from the "garbage" and other unnecessary files.

Day start I would like to say what needs to be done to these problems with a lack of space did not arise.The biggest mistake many inexperienced users, it automatically create a folder «Downloads» on the local disk C. And in the future, just upload everything in the directory.

not need to download files and store them on the system disk .. Than it is fraught?But that will quickly fill the space, and then, if suddenly reinstall the operating system, it's all gone.Upload them to another local drive

Also, do not keep the different files in the folder "My Documents".All for the same reasons.

then, many when copying something from a flash drive or disk, like "fold" all the information on your desktop.Again, this is highly undesirable.

How to clean the disc with

First we need to move the folder uploads to another local drive.Thus you will considerably free up space.Then we clear the des

ktop of unnecessary and cumbersome files.

You can use the Disk Cleanup utility standard of unused data.To do this, go to the "Start" menu, select where the item "All Programs."Then click on "standard", and then click on the "service."There you will find and cherished program - "Disk Cleanup."

utility is quite simple, but you must be careful not to delete anything necessary and valuable.

What should be done then?Delete unnecessary programs and other files.

software can be removed using a standard panel "Add or Remove Programs."

How to clean the disc with his own hands without tools

can manually go into the folder «Program Files» and remove all unnecessary.Particular attention should be paid to building software from some companies.For example, Adobe, Microsoft Office, and others.In these folders are several programs, and not all of them are necessary.Similarly, not every user needs the whole set.But installers often do not bother to choose the right place and the whole set.

Remove all software that you do not need.In extreme cases, it can be reinstalled.

Next, go to the folder C: \ Users \ your user name \ AppData \ Local \ Temp \.This is the directory for temporary files.Most of the programs after the installation yourself, delete temporary fragments, but some do not.Here is the "garbage" that is out there, you need to manually remove.

There are several inexperienced users who install the game on a system disk and not on the data disc.If you have the same situation, this information will need to be reinstalled or moved from drive C to section D.

Then we go through the program "Total Commander" in the personal folder.Why this program?This is because it is very easy to use and it can be one-button display hidden files and folders.

in the folder C: \ Users \ your user name \ open different folders.We are interested in Local Settings and Application Data.

In them you will find a variety of folders on your games and programs.All tefayly that you removed, you need to find zdes delete the folder with the configuration and "Sohranki."With the software you need to do the same.

Most programs store where temporary files, and data settings.For example, "Photoshop" can store files of several gigabytes.

was removed and everything is not right.

If you are catastrophically not enough room, then you need to take radical methods.

How to clean C: drive clever way

You will need to disable the swap file.On the Windows XP operating system to make it easier.Just in the properties of the computer is powered tab and disable the paging file there.It is approximately equal to the amount of RAM.

Windows 7 is a bit more complicated.To do so will create a desktop text file with any name.For example, 123.txt.

then open it and enter powercfg-h off.Then save the file and rename.The name is not important.What is important is the file extension.From * .tht need to do * .cmd.

Then run the file and enjoy free disk space C.