What store money: tips and tricks

question of savings in countries with unstable economic and political situation is one of the most important for ordinary citizens."Keep money in savings banks!".So says the notorious hero of the film, and it is impossible to disagree with him.On the one hand, and on the other - banks have also unstable.

So, where do you keep the money?Based on what you need to choose a bank?

As a rule, mostly when choosing a bank people pay attention to the amount of interest on deposits.However, note that too high interest rates should cause suspicion - you do not want to lose your savings?

Moreover, the high rate of deposits suggests that the bank has some problems lead to a lack of national currency.Before you give money on deposit, examine the bank's reputation.At the same time, pay attention to how long the bank there, he experienced economic crises, who is the owner, as well as the scope of activities of the institution, if you are accustomed to be cautious.Guarantee of return of the deposits are state-owned banks, but the interest rates are usually lower than private.

addition to the problem of choosing a reliable bank is still the question of what to keep their money.

unequivocal answer to this question, because it is too unstable we all currencies.Therefore, we consider the most popular options.

- in the national currency.If your deposit target and kept a short period of time.After that you plan to spend it on any targets in the national currency, it will be beneficial to you and keep it there though.Moreover, the deposits in national currency is always higher rates.

- in dollars.Dollar for more than a century, is considered one of the most stable currencies in the world.However, the recent financial crisis had an impact on it.However, if you plan to put the money on deposit for a short time (about 3 months) in the US it will be more profitable.

- in euros.At the moment, the euro is more stable, and therefore the European currency to compete with the dollar.

But what if you do not trust any of the world currencies?What store money then?

can keep their money in gold."Gold" deposits very beneficial, but only if it is long-lasting.For example, you contract with a bank for the purchase of gold, which is stored in the same place.And though the interest for such contributions are always low, they are growing right before your eyes, along with the price of gold.

What store money if you are not satisfied with all of these options?

Real Estate - a good alternative to the financial deposits.You buy an apartment on your savings and then leases it - that is your interest.Plus, this approach is that you have total control over their savings.However, the crisis property prices may fall in two or more times.

What store money yet?

  • securities (for this you need to be very well versed in this area, so as not to accidentally lose all their savings, or have a professional adviser)
  • in art and antiquities.Antiquities - a kind of gold reserves, but there is a risk to buy a lot of money counterfeiting.
  • in non-cash currency.

What better to keep the money, all of the above if you absolutely do not fit?

... Keep the money in your wallet!Then they will be always at hand and exclusively under your control.However, there is a risk of losing them.Conclusion: not necessary to keep the money.They should work: the stock markets, in your own business, etc.