Circular wood saw: how to choose?

to choose the tool that is used by masters who know how to do more complex work, to help the knowledge of its technical parameters.One of these techniques is a circular saw on wood.How to choose it to perform work in the home and professional activities?Reviews will help you professionals and general users.

What is the circular saw on a tree?

to choose the right circular saw on wood, you should start with its essence.This tool is a cross between a simple electronic jigsaw and chainsaws, able to cut thick tree trunks.

equipment is designed for use in both the professional and home.The cuts obtained accurate and fast.Lines using techniques presented are obtained straight and is capable of producing in the wood of various thicknesses.

Circular saws raskraivajut wood in different configurations.This equipment can cut dekor various elements on the material, but the duration of the work on it will be higher than the low power jigsaw.

comparing operating performance technology to the principle of chain saws should be noted greater accuracy tsirkulyatsionki.More powerful equipment is intended for rough cutting.With the saw blade can be made neat cuts.


worth examining the constituent elements of a tool such as a circular saw on wood.How to choose the optimal model, suggest experts.

The heart of the tool is an electric motor.Its shaft is fixed blade for cutting.In most cases, according to specialists, used synchronous collector engines.They are composed of special brushes, which may eventually rub off.If you miss the moment replace this part, the engine can break.Therefore, it is best when choosing a circular saw to select circulation mechanism with automatic shut-off of the motor.

Engine power determines the performance of the whole mechanism.The higher it is, the thicker boards may be sawn using this equipment.From power depends on the diameter of the blades used tools such as circular saws for wood.Their price depends on this indicator.

Weight tsirkulyatsionki will also be higher for higher power equipment.Therefore, before making the selection of the saw blade is necessary to determine the amount of work.Overpay for more power, which will not apply, it is not necessary.

device parameters

One of the main parameters that you should pay attention when choosing a hand-held circular saws electric type is the number of revolutions.Wise to choose the equipment with the ability to manage this index.This feature will produce a higher quality cut at the optimum level of stress on the equipment.

Circular saws should have protective functions electronics.This will help to protect the equipment and the operator in an emergency operation.Must be present lock accidental starting.

It is useful to evaluate and look at the equipment purchase.It is very convenient to use in the additional handle.The material itself is the product shall be strong, able to withstand the load and mechanical stress.

Depending on the price of disk saws are clean assembly.Balancing should be comfortable, handles should not slide.This will firmly keep the equipment in their hands.

types of equipment functionality

Among saws identify several key species.

Mini Saw disc acts represented the first type of instrument.This portable equipment with an electric motor.This is a handy tool for jobs in small and medium scale.

Fixed type disk manual saws incorporates support.She is drinking.In contrast to mini-disc saws engine in such equipment is located below the support and is launched from a fixed network by means of a cord.

third type of instrument is rechargeable tsirkulyatsionki.This is a fairly common type of equipment.

Another type is a miter saw.It has a simple design having a handle with a start button, the working unit and the saw blade.


Hand saw electric disk involves sawing wood in a flat plane, or obliquely.To this plate is used to support and pins.They mounted eccentric system.The pin allows you to keep equipment at an angle usually 45˚.There are models to set the slope of 60˚.Tilt only to the right side.Is typically left engine.

is possible to set the level of immersion in the blade material.The mechanism locks the equipment on a fixed axis.It is located in the front support.

One of the most popular devices is a protective cover.At the top of the protection of the movable and the bottom - fixed.From the latter, you can remove dust with a vacuum cleaner.

wire should be protected by solid rubber insulation.Batteries to be applied only when needed, for example, in this type of equipment, such as a mini disc saw.

Types depending on the power

Depending on the power of three distinct species:

  1. motor saws circulation has a capacity of 800 to 1200 watts.The thickness of the cut with the help of this tool will be of the order of 45 mm.For them suitable for discs with a diameter up to 160 mm.This is the cheapest type of this equipment.Most often used in the home.
  2. tool is equipped with a medium-power electric motor of about 1800 watts.The depth of the cut it is 60 mm.This semi-circular saw.190-200 mm diameter reaches its blades.
  3. most productive type of tool, the engine which has a capacity of more than 2000 watts.Discs such saws are used from 190 to 350 mm in diameter.The most common tool is attached to the bench.It is a professional, high-power saws, with the highest cost.

Discs for

saw blades for saws are distinguished by different technical indicators.Disks are usually divided into types - wood and similar materials for the metal.

have disks for cutting wood teeth are inclined in the direction of travel.The more of them on the details, the more precise and accurate, and he will reveal.Otherwise, the cut to get rough and ragged.

Hand saw Electric circular wood, which will be used for cutting MDF, boards require frequent type knife with teeth (about 100 pcs.).For the cutting of the tree, which has a lot of knots, should pick up the amplified drive with 24 cutting edges.

Marking knives consists of two numbers.The first characterizes its diameter, and the second - Diameter of the rod.Discs with a lower index than is provided for a saw, can not be installed on the equipment.Otherwise, between the part and the casing is the space where the hand may accidentally fall.

Sharpening disks

work with blunt knives is hard enough, and the engine is subjected to heavy loads.So eventually need to make sharpening the saw blade for wood.

Initially, the teeth with a special tool divorce.Grinding disc saws is made initially with the rear surface of the teeth, and then treated with a front row.

Home produced works should be noted marker.Each tooth should whet many times with the same force as the first one.

After manipulation produced the disc to be checked.It carried out a trial cut.If there are noises, uneven supply of timber, it is a sign of the inhomogeneity of the teeth height.You can verify this by bringing the handle to the cutting surface.After the turn of the knife need to inspect it and to identify irregularities in sharpening.

Testimonials about saws wood

According to specialists, the choice of good quality tools depends on the popularity of the manufacturer, as well as the cost of equipment.Cheap Chinese instruments can not only reduce the quality of work, but also cause accidents.It is better to buy a circular saw the well-known producer (eg, Makita, Bosch, and so on. D.).Their value is even higher, but is fully justified.

Circular saws, the price of which is slightly lower than that of their foreign counterparts, domestic manufacturers produced.For example, Russian company "Interskol" produces a wide range of models of circular saws for wood.

Based on the reviews of professionals and ordinary consumers, it can be said that the guarantee from trusted manufacturers will be able to work for years to provide quality and reliable equipment.Cheap, but unknown firms often can not provide the required level of durability.Yes, and work on such equipment, to master the risk of injury.

Saws "Interskol»

well proven in the market of equipment for cutting wood Russian company "Interskol."This is one of the most famous domestic manufacturers, whose products are distributed not only in our country but also abroad.The relatively low price of the equipment (about 3000 rubles.) Makes it attractive for consumers.

Among the advantages conferred on the circular saw on a tree "Interskol", it should be noted longevity, good ergonomic models, as well as the quality produced with the help of action.

wide range of equipment parameters (cutting depth, power, and functionality) will help you choose the tool for a variety of needs in the cutting of wood.

There are additional functions provided by the company circular saws allow to give comfort when dealing with this technique.

Saws Bosch

equipment for cutting wood provided the company is available for both home and professional use.Its cost is slightly higher than that of domestic counterparts and is about 4,500 rubles.

of the benefits that has a saw disk Bosch, according to specialists and consumers, it should be noted comfort for the user in the hands, as well as lower noise vibration.It is very convenient to use because of the existing regulation of rotational speed.

should also note the presence of the lock when the motor is overloaded, it can sometimes be to protect equipment from damage.It controls the system electronics.

This is one of the most well-known companies.The quality of its products are widely known in our country and around the world.Therefore, the durability and quality of work on this instrument can be guaranteed.

Additional features drank

Manufacturers sometimes provide for the availability of options available to ensure the most comfortable work with the help of this tool.Among the most common additions should note the following:

  1. portable circular saw on wood can have a dive into the material.This allows cutting from the middle of the sheet.
  2. speed adjustment meets two types - mechanical and electronic.This will allow smooth, accurate cuts on a variety of materials.
  3. Improves security feature heavy braking the saw blade.
  4. The functions of enhancing security, should also include soft start knife.Often this feature is found in powerful professional saws.
  5. Precision cut increase in laser marking and lighting.

for saws wood with a powerful engine provides the possibility of mounting on the surface, which will saw large amounts of material.

safety rules to avoid accidents during the handling of the tool, you must comply with the security measures provided by the manufacturer of the equipment, such as a circular saw on wood.How to choose the correct copy of the technology?It should be familiar with the requirements that must be met when working on such equipment:

  • material should be securely attached to a stable surface.
  • Inverting tool drive up in a working condition is strictly prohibited.
  • Use only according to the type of the disc and the appropriate dimensions.
  • prohibited pinching ways unintended by the manufacturer the power button.
  • Use only in goggles.

If all rules and recommendations submitted work will be on the quality and safety equipment such as circular saw on wood.How to choose a submission tool?You can help their existing knowledge of the types and characteristics.By following all the requirements when working on the equipment presented, there is no doubt in the safety and durability of equipment.