What is the Mount of Venus?

On the lines on the hand, you can read about all the interesting events of life.So says science palmistry.And the line of the left hand suggest that destined, while the right shows how man himself has ordered his life.Palm conditionally divided into several zones, each of which holds the secrets of his master.For example, the Mount of Venus is situated on the third phalanx of the thumb.

What is it?

this hill speaks of character and emotion, which is endowed with personality.The more pronounced the height, the more expressive a person.Also of great influence on the lives say many small line formed at the site.If not, then the person is likely to tend to hide their true feelings from prying eyes.

If the lines on the hill of Venus resemble a lattice, and are highly expressed, it means that their owner loves to exaggerate and exaggerate everything that happens around.As a rule, such people often reside in the depression, and sometimes they happen to mental disorders.In ordinary life, characterized by frequent tearfulness and whims.

Hill and heart

Palmists view the Mount of Venus on the arm parallel to the line of the heart.If she has a greater extent, at the same time on the hill there is a distinctly shaped lattice of lines, it indicates amorousness person.It is the owner of a large heart.However, part of the novel, sooner or later lead to disappointment.If over time, manifested deep lines perpendicular to the phalanx of a finger, it is a bad sign.The heart will be broken.

When Venus on a hill there is no big bump, and a rather long line of souls, it suggests a rich spirituality of man.People with such data are prone to mental knowledge, they deeply respect the partner and are able to be faithful.Fall in love with such a difficult personality.We must match the inner worlds and outlook on life values.However, if such a person opens the heart, it is believed that the partner pretty lucky.

lines and a triangle

If the Mount of Venus marked a cross of the lines, it is a sign of failed love, has a strong impact on the future course of life.Perhaps people will lose confidence in the people.

triangle marked on this hill, it is a good sign, indicating a greater passion.The owner of these lines do not like to expose their feelings and details of his personal life on display.

Circles, squares and dots

If Venus on a hill there are points or circles, that person will experience the loss of love.Perhaps personal life will not be the best way.Circle on the palm speaks about hit in virtually hopeless situation.We can say that a person walks in a circle, that is, there is no solution to the problem.

If the Mount of Venus is square, then it is a protective sign of love failures.This arrangement suggests that even if the person on the way to meet a dishonest partner, the connection may take place, but it came to nothing lead.However, much deeper feelings it will not do.A man waiting in front of his fate.

Hill and Venus line

first line that separates the hill from the second phalanx, shows the financial situation.The chain says about confidence in money matters.But the line is the lack of material resources.If the line is mixed, it says that in life there will be a lack of money and wealth.Of course, in different periods.

second line in the phalanx, named after the goddess of passion Rati testifies partner.If it is bent upwards, it is possible that the union will fall apart because of the departure of the spouse.This turn indicates the presence of a third person in the way.If the line posting inconsistent, it means separation, divorce or death of a spouse of one.Intersections other segments are very bad sign, speaking about the loss.

If Rati passes through the line of finance, it promises a divorce from a man who in addition will take with them all their belongings.If its length or formed at the end point, it portends illness of spouse and possibly death.Line with fork says about the inheritance that will leave a husband or wife.

If Rati if crossed vertical segment along the finger, it speaks about the unfortunate fate.Either a person is married, based on tyranny, or will live in poverty.If you depart from the line of small segments, it promises decent condition spouse may partner prepared for a big financial success.


interesting is the fact that the hill in the palm of Venus, as well as other areas, is able to change its relief in a person's lifetime.Of course, that in store on the path taken to judge young.Often, however, the line on the palm provide an answer to your questions throughout life.When treatment is necessary to remember that the left hand shows the fate and the right - the real way.