A few tips on how to write a beautiful letter of the word

We all know the expression that beauty - a terrible force.And it can be used in different ways.This article will talk about how to learn how to write beautiful words.What you need to know and do?

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In today's world must be able to not only write beautifully with his own hand on the paper, but also interesting to present the text in social networks, personal blog, and so on. D. Today, it is very important t. To. The traditional correspondence inmost cases, lost their positions, giving the primacy of communication, by means of the Internet.

Handwriting history

Primarily should still understand how to write beautiful letters, text manually.An interesting for many will seem a little history.Strange as it may sound, but the development of the letter (which is beautiful, calligraphic) assist Bible.It happened about 8-9 century, when the monks of Ireland and Scotland began to create illuminated Bible, is now regarded as the top of the written arts.For this purpose recruited priests who studied the beautiful smooth writing.And this process, I must say, not so fast: for quality education needed a lot of time and effort.


calligraphy art of beautiful writing known as calligraphy.From the Greek term translated as "beautiful handwriting".It would be interesting, and the fact that calligraphy today - is one of the trends in the visual arts.Most masters beautiful handwriting is defined as its ability to design labels in a harmonious, exquisite and expressive manner.That is not just a beautifully written text but also skillfully and tastefully inscribed in the overall picture.

What you need to know?

So, what should be done if you want to understand how to write a beautiful letter of the word?First of all it is important to carefully analyze your handwriting.It is recommended to select a specific style of writing that will suit a particular person, depending on how it transfers the text of the paper.What to pay attention to?

  1. on what turns out to decorate the letters automatically (curls, additional strips).
  2. handwriting on the slopes.
  3. to the width between the letters in a single word.

Depending on this, you can consider the new decorated style of his writing.

What do I need to have?

So we understand further how to write beautiful letters, specific text.This requires a stock specific aids:

  1. writing instrument.This can be a pen, pencil, pen - not so important.The main thing that the subject was suitable for writing.Before embarking on such an important matter, it is necessary to make a few strokes on paper.This will help ensure the correct choice of writing instrument.
  2. the paper itself.It should be suitable.So, on a sheet of shiny marker or pen risks preprinted paper, and a pencil and did refuse to write.This should be taken into account.

Terms of beautiful writing

Exploring further material that will tell you how to write a beautiful letter of the text.To achieve this goal is necessary to observe a few simple rules.What to do?

  1. train.To obtain a clean text and beautiful, you need a little practice.Pre you can try several different brushwork and choose the one that is most like.
  2. Do not rush.Sitting at work, people need not worry, hurry.Only in this case, all turned out beautifully.
  3. Do not be afraid to experiment.If your heart tells make in a certain place curl, and you need to do.It's just a small hint of the subconscious, which is better not to ignore.
  4. Learn how to connect the line.Beautiful uppercase handwriting - this is the height of art.
  5. know different styles of writing.To do this, you can see a variety of templates to study calligraphy as an element of art.

And a few relatively simple and well-known rules that suggest how to write beautiful letters: to sit, stretch the muscles needed for letters, turning the paper correctly in the process of registration of the text.

text typed on a computer

Many people today is very important to know how to write beautiful letters nickname.The ability to provide the public with his middle name (nickname) - is an art.So, for this you need to pick a nice font from the given (it should be said that there are plenty of them - from standard and simple to intricate).Also, while you can use different characters that are placed on the sides of the nickname for the decoration of his second name.Choosing these signs should be competently.Example: will look pretty silly nickname "Death" on the sides decorated with suns or flowers.To better suit crock or Xhosa.

presentation rules text to blogs or social networks

Analyzing how to write beautiful letters, text on the Internet, it is worth remembering also that you need to follow simple unspoken rules:

  1. not write eversion (t. E. Whiteletters on a black background, cream - on brown).
  2. not write colored letters on a colored background.It's very hard to read.
  3. very uncomfortable to read the letter in full in italics or Bolden.These fonts are designed to highlight only certain parts of the text.
  4. looks foolish text written letters of different sizes.This is not funny as it may seem at first glance.
  5. better aligns the text to the width of the page, or to the left.Texts placed in the middle or on the right, hard to read.
  6. And, of course, is not recommended to write without paragraphs, indents.This text does not cause any interest, and it just did not want to read, even if everything is written beautiful letters.


After reading all of the above tips on how to write beautiful letters of the name or the text to take into account the most important rule: everything is fine in moderation.If you want to write a beautiful name, you can select a few letters, the word is not saturated.The same rule applies to any other text.