How to choose a personal fitness trainer?

Sport - is the life!And youth, health, attractiveness.Make your workouts more effective help to individual sessions with a trainer.Let's have a casting!Learn how to be the perfect instructor!

Personal fitness trainer - sounds amazing!Specialist, aims to bring your body to perfection, deserves the loudest applause.But among a large number of applicants to choose a professional?To work with him was a pleasure and for the benefit of the body?Let's deal!

man or a woman?

good fitness coach as a certified physician and best friend.Sacred trust him, accent the attention on the most unattractive parts of your body and tell (certainly whisper!) That you love dinner after eight ... and once again closer to twelve.At the same time, it should nod sympathetically, cheer in all your endeavors and will certainly inspire feats peremptory "we can handle."A man or a woman is better to invite to this role?- On this issue there is no clear answer, but there are general guidelines:

If you are shy about his body, feel the discomfort of the upcoming job prospects over the other, and going to the gym for you is equivalent to execution, should choose a woman.Work with it will not be a burden to you and will be more useful.

If you can not imagine my life without the man's attention, you need tight control and motivation to engage in fruitful - stop your choice on the man.Each lesson with him will inspire you to achieve the goals.

If the trek to the gym for your ordinary work, and you need only the adjustment of employment and timely tips on how to make them more productive, gender specialist, hardly matters to you.The main thing is to get in "good hands" and to get the required services.

worth noting that among the instructors, men and women among the coaches need to look for a responsible master who loves his job and is known for an individual approach to each client.

5 criteria to keep in mind when choosing a personal trainer

presence of higher professional education. Being a personal trainer is fashionable today.The abundance of fitness centers and sports complexes requires a large number of trained professionals.Unfortunately, not all practitioners have specialized education instructors.Uncommon situation where the skill to control the body are trained people who have passed a week courses or former athletes, gymnasts.Refer to them for help - risk.Superior fitness trainer should know the basics of anatomy, human physiology, to be able to prevent injuries and provide first aid.I have a diploma - a guarantee that the person has received the relevant knowledge and know how to apply them in practice.

right start. coach's work with the client must be preceded by a fitness test.This is a special test to assess physical health and fitness level of the client.According to the results of the instructor will be an individual work plan adapts the load, taking into account the individual characteristics of the client.Sports should not cause pain and cause discomfort.

Methodical training. Properly organized the training process should be a coherent system of learning new skills and abilities, physical abilities of the client.Qualitatively made program - this exercise, specially selected from each other.

Variability training process. Monotonous repetitive training with a consistent implementation of the same complex are permitted only if you are prepared to pass a specific standard.In all other situations, the lessons with an instructor should be varied biodiversity.Monotony in the classroom often shows that the coach does not have sufficient knowledge base to build a system of interesting training or it is not interested in your successes and work out a paid time.Both the first and the second option is not well suited to complete the work on the body.

planning training. definition short-term and long-term goals - one of the indicators of quality of service.So, after a certain amount of time, you can evaluate your progress, set goals correct instructor and productive employment with him.If the chosen coach technique does not work, it is an occasion for a frank conversation with the subsequent change in the system of training.If the manager does not listen to your opinion, you may want to think about changing the expert.

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