High-quality repair washing machine "Ariston" with his own hands

Technics brand "Ariston" is a list of the most reliable and durable.Along with the best German washing machines models of this brand have high maintainability, allowing them to operate for many years.With rare exceptions to the units used the same methods and techniques for disaster recovery, as in the case with analogues from other manufacturers.Yet repair washing machine "Ariston" with his own hands requires knowledge of the nuances of troubleshooting, as well as their solutions.Most of breakage reasons arise model that facilitates maintenance operations.


Any technique breaks down over time, but the reasons may be different, as the faulty parts.With regard Ariston Washing machine may be called some of the most typical breakdowns:

  • problems with the pump.Even if the lower risk of clogging large objects caught up in the hoses due to an oversight user, over time, the pump ceases to cope with the pressures from the accumulated dirt.Fortunately, independent repair washing machine "Ariston" in this case does not cause serious problems.
  • Worn bearings.Close contact with water for long term use may contribute to not only change the shape of the shaft with the bearings, but also cause severe damage adjacent elements of a technical stuffing.
  • Faults drum.With strong vibrations or the noise of the machine should be uncharacteristic diagnose drum - perhaps his mount loose or broken ribs.

course, this is not a complete list of the problems that users may have a washing machine "Ariston".But they are the most common and can lead to other malfunctions.

Disassembly Instructions

In almost all cases that require the repair of the washing machine, it is necessary to dismantle it.Degree of dismantling may be different, but knowing full procedure will provide an opportunity to easily replace or repair any part.In particular, the repair of the drum of the washing machine "Ariston" is not possible without loosening connecting elements of the case and the subsequent removal of the tank.

First remove the top cover - usually removed a few screws from the rear part.At this point you will gain access to the motor, solenoid valves, TENu, the counterweight and other highly critical components.If you plan to repair the control panel before removing it necessary to pull out the tray with detergent.The path to the heating element in the machine "Ariston" takes place in the back.For its withdrawal is necessary to remove all wiring adjacent.If the fault in the bearings, drum or belt pulley, it is necessary to perform several manipulations of the nuts and sleeves which fix these components.To remove the pump will also need to remove a decorative bottom bar or open the door.Then unscrewed the fixing screws and pull the pump.

repair Drum

recovery drum is not always possible, especially in self-repair.However, if problems occur with fasteners or edges of this part, the successful repair is quite realizable.Metal drum Ariston models located in the lower area under the rib.Also, after parsing the body you can see the tab, through which the edge and fixed in a predetermined position.These components must be in good condition.If there are any signs of deformation, it is necessary to repair the washing machine "Ariston".The hands you can do so using plumbing tools by mechanical reshaping parts.In particular fastening ribs quite amenable to correction.In other cases you have to install new parts.If the fault rib, then it must be removed after removing the hooks fixed to the drum.Install a new element should be strictly on the seat so that the load is characterized by a locking tab.

Bearing Replacement To replace the bearings need to provide access to the engine and the shaft of the drum.The tank should be divided into two parts, one of which will be pressed into the old bearings.They need to knock out using a chisel hammer blows.When the mechanical impact to be as careful not to damage the washing machine "Ariston".Repair bearing can also assume and updating gland, because of which usually have problems in that zone.When the bearings are removed, you can begin to clean up their location.Setting is performed such that first entered the internal elements.New bearings are also carefully implemented using a hammer and a block of wood - this time it is important not to damage the very detail of the shaft.

Repair software module

Electronic modules are among the most whimsical elements of washing machines.For their failure rather a clumsy manipulation of the control panel.However, most of the causes are mechanical damage, do not allow the program to perform its functions - as a result of washing machine repair is required."Ariston Margarita", as one of the high-tech models, is quite vulnerable in this regard.Replacement or repair of its modules involves, primarily, extraction of the program element.

To do this, remove the panel, pull out the detergent container and dismantle the main parts of the body, then you can perform and the dismantling of the module.Unfortunately, this repair program block rarely performed due to serious damage.Sometimes it is easier to replace the defective item with a new one than to repair the module washing machine "Ariston" or other brand.Especially in the stores available universal modules for washing machines cost 5-7 thousand. Rub.

Replacement PETN

problems with the heating element (Tan) arise as a result of leaks in the hull and open circuit.Regardless of the cause of the problem to eliminate it will only replace the heater.Provide access to TENu during parsing of the machine, it is necessary to fix the camera (on a picture configuration can be restored when you install the new part) the location of wires and contacts, and then disconnect all connections.Next, loosen the nut at the center of the heating element.Fully unscrew it is not necessary - it must go deeper with bolt tension.This manipulation will extract heater.When it is necessary to replace the old temperature indicator moved to a new part.Before installing the serviceable item is desirable to lubricate its lining with soap or detergent process.In most cases, high-quality repair washing machine "Ariston" with their hands can not perform when properly training new parts - including the holding of pre-stripping installation site.

Replacement cuff hatch

sealing cuff does not belong to the most difficult to replace elements, but a number of nuances to perform this operation you need to know.Access to the cuff opens through the front wall.In the process of dismantling must disconnect it from the front edge of the chassis of the machine, remove the lock and unscrew all the fasteners.At the top of the cuff is connected to the drying duct, so if performed complex repair washing machine "Ariston" with their own hands, there will be no harm to test these devices.With a screwdriver, unscrew a few clamps and disconnect the cuff with serrated snaps.When the last shot clamp sealing lip itself depart from the tank.Cleaning the vacated space, you can install serviceable parts.It is important that the accuracy of occurrences except cuff drain holes were combined with their counterparts at the bottom of the tank.

Cleaning hose

Another common problem in which machines do not provide the proper water drainage.In the line of Ariston such violations are particularly susceptible to series models Hotpoint, in which also involved an electronic weighing system, which controls the water flow.As a result of such a combination of electronics and control circulation pumps leads to the fact that the repair of washing machines "Hotpoint Ariston" involves several components.You must first clean the filter, drain the water.This procedure must be done manually - that is to pour water through the drain hose into the prepared container.Further unscrewing the pump, while gently turning the handle of the hatch.Removed from the vessel all foreign objects which might impede water circulation.The blades of the impeller of the pump in operation must be easy to move.If all the other components that provide plums, OK, you can twist the lid.

Prevention fault

Correct use combined with regular maintenance of washing machines allows to maximize their service term.The list of major maintenance activities can be isolated and tested tube descaling.The most convenient-to-use washing machine is considered "Ariston", which repair, meanwhile, is quite problematic due to the presence of e-filling.The hands to eliminate software faults can not every user, so with such models should be treated very delicately, checking the correct operation of the module.One should not forget the fact that the washing machine is the technique with the sanitary function, so all of the tank, the sealing cuff and access door must be regularly treated cleaners.