What to feed a child for a trip or flight and navigation - useful tips

Traveling with a child in a car, plane, train or boat, the parents have to solve many problems.

One of them - what to feed in the way kids from 2 to 5 years, no longer infants, but not always able to fully pass on the "adult" food.Here are some simple tips useful.

First of all, "road menu" for the child depends on whether it is usually swayed on the road.If yes, then you need to give your child for half an hour before the departure of a cure for motion sickness, which is better to bring along anyway.Child, which swayed, it is better to feed on a minimum or do not feed on a trip up to it, but be sure to provide the necessary drinking.


1. Try not to give your child food that offer adult in flight.

2. Do not be afraid that the child will go hungry during the flight - sometimes children need food not because of hunger but because of boredom.Think of what to do with the kid - he read the book, paint with him, play a game or allow it to favorite toys.

3. It is necessary to know in advance whether to allow the flight to take in fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, nuts, which can offer a child.In an extreme case, if this can not be done, you have to choose from the in-flight food less harmful to the child.But do not make it there by force.

4. The main thing - is regularly drink the child, as in the plane - Air conditioning with increased dryness and need to replenish fluid in the child's body.Empty containers to take with water, and drinking water without gas will have to recruit already on board, since you are not allowed to carry it.

The machine

1. The long trip take enough drinking, thirst quenching, as in a car or a stuffy or dry (if the air conditioner).

2. If you do not take a cooler bag, grab not only perishable foods: cookies, hard fruits and vegetables, dried fruits and nuts.3. Before a long journey not breast-abundant - quite a bit of porridge or mashed potatoes, carrots or an apple.

4. Do not feed your baby in a roadside cafe - their menu is not intended for baby food.

the train

1. Just as when traveling by car, do not let your child plenty of food, bring your long perishable foods that the child likes.

2. Drinking water, for hygienic reasons, please bring not poite child "train" the water.

3. Familiar with ice cream child can indulge this dessert, but it is better not to do it in the heat, the baby got sick.Buy ice cream carefully: it must be hard, packing - whole, and its producer - known you not to poison the baby.

on cruise ships

1. Before purchasing tickets find out whether included in the proposed menu on the ship are normal meals for kids: porridge, boiled meat, fish, steamed vegetables and fruits.

2. In any case, bring instant porridge for the children - they can be supplemented with vegetables and fruits from the menu for adults, thus combining the morning, afternoon and evening meal for the child.