How to Choose a Wedding Ring

Bright stars light her way.Tripping down she said to him.I hear the chop of her heels on the moonlit pavement.It is surrounded by an aura of mystery and lightweight, unobtrusive perfume intoxicate the young man's head.They sit in luxury cars, going to an expensive restaurant, "I love you, - he whispers to her and her eyes light up with tenderness and hope - Let's get married?"His words are clear and confident.On such a question can not be answered in the negative.He pulls out a small red box and stretches girl opens.And there is the symbol of eternal love, a collection of all earthly vows and promises ... Engagement Ring!

And what happened to this? ..

1. Decision

deciding to buy an engagement ring, future newlyweds have always put into it heart and soul, and break the bank ...

But before you buy is always necessaryall carefully weighed.Yet the marriage - is a very important step.If you have decided on it, we sincerely congratulate you and hasten to give a number of recommendations in order to

avoid all the difficulties and challenges faced by the future newlyweds when choosing an engagement ring.

2. Selecting design

When choosing an engagement ring before going to the store is always necessary to determine the design.This will help you save time in the jewelry.

choose to be at least two options.All wedding rings are divided into traditional and modern model.

Classic wedding rings have no beginning and no end.The difference is only the metal material of the ring.Their symbolism: simplicity and infinity.If you want a little bit of creativity, you can make to such rings inscription, which, in your opinion, is most characterizes your love and future family.

Current models include a wide assortment.An excellent idea for this ring will own authorship of the design.Arm pencils, a piece of paper and start to create ... will, of course, be even better if to engage responsibly fit both halves of the future family.This will fasten you and give good memories in the future.After all, every time I look at the ring, you'll remember how to create not only the family, but also their own jewelry.But, most importantly, we create them together.

3. Taming prices

Wedding rings - the first major joint purchase of a pair.

When choosing rings it is recommended to focus on the one that you "afford".At the same time it is not necessary to resort to excesses.Show off your wealth and can be due to other jewelry.This ring should be valuable, primarily because of the reminder of the man who put it on.And to attract too much attention to a less expensive ring will be less.

4 .Size matters

This is one of the most important issues that need to be defined: a ring size of a future spouse?

recommendation is necessary to choose the size of the ring in the jewelry itself.

you are very surprised, to measure different ring in different fashion.It turns out that suits you the size will vary between three to four numbers.

Another very important tip: trying on rings, keep in mind that before this can not be a long swim in the water exercise or perform freeze hands.All this affects the thickness of a finger, and accordingly, the correct choice.

Of course, you can always roll out or narrow ring, but why do you unnecessary problems?

5. The most responsible

Do not forget that ring - one of the elements of the wedding ceremony .They are the giving to each other is always connected with the sea waves of emotion and pleasant memories for a lifetime.Suppose that you would be unforgettably beautiful, not only that day, but also all subsequent ...


Buying rings usually considered the responsibility of the groom, but to avoid confusion, it is better to choose, along with future wife.

If you choose to insert a ring stone, a good look at the properties of the stone.Yet, it will be the main ring jewelry life.

sure to pay attention to the sample ring.That it shows the content of the noble metal in the ring.

and let your marriage will be happy and the family - strong.